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  1. samtimbaud

    X99 5960x 10.10.3

    hi Guys, nobody tried to make a fresh install 10.10.3 on a x99 motherboard ? i tried with unibeast 5.1 but no success. always PCIconfigurationbegin. Otherwise my 5960x works very well on 10.10.1, i was curious to try the last update...
  2. samtimbaud

    Customize cpu name in yosemite

    Hello, someone knows how change the cpu name on yosemite? i tried the mavericks's method S/L/Coreservices/Loginwindwow/CONTENTS/Resources/English or French/About this mac, then modified "<key>ABOUT_BOX_SINGLE_PROCESSOR_FIELD_FORMAT</key> <string>%@</string>" by...
  3. samtimbaud

    Power management different with UAD Apollo

    hi musician friends. do you have an idea why when i switch ON my apollo firewire connection, the speed cpu is not stable and go up & down constantly between x12 and x43. if i switch off the Apollo, it goes down to stay idle at x12 (it's really better). the only solution i founded is to use an...
  4. samtimbaud

    Asus X99 Deluxe + 5960X

    Sorry may be for the double post Hi, I bought a X99 Asus deluxe + 5960X + 64g Crucial 2133 but i can't boot with unibeast . I used bootflag -v cpus=1 npci=0x2000 graphicsEnabler=No if i write -v the text loading then Black screen. An idea? a new patched kernel?
  5. samtimbaud

    Uad apollo driver issue

    Hi All i have a strange issue.. My config: Z87xud3H bios F8M or K 4770K 32gb Ram MAVERICKS 10.9.1 When i connect the UAD APOLLO in the FIREWIRE 800 Card, the Mulitplier CPU stuck at x35 until 4.2. normally it should go down until X8. i have to disconnect or shutdown the Apollo, to see the...
  6. samtimbaud

    GA-Z87X-UD5 TH slow Bench Profile 1 (1600mhz)

    Hi all why after change settings 1333 mhz to 1600 mhz (Profile1) in the bios, i have a bad bench (8400) ??? and with 1333 mhz all is fine.. GA-Z87X-UD5TH + I74770k + Corsair 32gb (1600mhz) 10.8.5 MB 5.5.5 thks so much
  7. samtimbaud

    I7-2700K locked at 3.5ghz

    Z77X-UD5H + I7-2700K locked at 3.5ghz Hi all, i don't understand why the proc is locked maximum at 3.5ghz when i chek it with hw monitor?? normaly is until 3.9ghz (turbo boost), non? i tried to OC, the same.. or stuke at x16 (1.60) my config is : Z77X-UD5H i7-2700K 10.8.3 Unibeast 1.7 thks for...
  8. samtimbaud

    GA-X79S-UP5 + i73930K problem unibeast install 1.7 ML 10.8.2

    Hi all, I tried since 3 days to install unibeast 1.7 ML on my GA-X79S-UP5 bios (F3) with I7-3930K. I have always the apple logo and black screen. I tried different combination flags saw on the net: -x -f PCIRootUID=1/0 GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No After Verbose i read "Still waiting for root device"...
  9. samtimbaud

    Issue overclocking I7-2700K on MB z68xpud5

    overclocking I7-2700K on MB z68xpud5 hi all, i wonder why , after overclocking 4.5 ghz, the proc stay fix and doesn't move between x45 and x16 as i control it from app hwmonitor. i trashed nullcpupower.kext and appleintelcpupowermanagement, cause my bench was bad (6100) and loked at x16. my...