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  1. ProPride

    Accidentally Updated!

    So I was on my Hack last night, and iTunes said there was an update. So I clicked download update, but didn't realize that when I clicked update in the Mac App Store, it would update me from 10.8.3 to 10.8.4. So I went into multibeast and reinstalled my drivers, but for some reason, any thing I...
  2. ProPride

    Webcam with Skype?

    So I've been trying to use a mobile app that allows me to turn my iPhone 4S into a webcam for my Mac. It wasn't woking so I sent an email to the company, SHAPE: "I can connect my iPhone 4S (6.1.3) to the Mobiola desktop software on my Mac (10.8.3) without a problem. But when I try to...
  3. ProPride

    For Those Who Can't Boot Without USB In 10.8.3

    I just figured this out today. For the past two days I have tried about 7 times to install OS X 10.8.3 to no avail. I would install and everything would work until I shut down. I went through all of my MultiBeast drivers and nothing would work. Once I shut down, I could not boot up from my hard...
  4. ProPride

    Hard Drive Upgradable?

    So, according to the March 2013 guide, a HDD I can get is a Seagate 1TB 6 Gbps 32 MB drive. A newer model is the same, but is 64 MB. Can I get this instead?
  5. ProPride

    New Nvidia Graphics Card!

    NVIDIA GTX 650 Ti BOOST - New Card! Hey, I was wondering if anybody had heard about this, it was reported on early on this morning, but apparently NVIDIA has introduced a new graphics card: GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost. It is supposed to be slightly faster than the normal 650 Ti, as...