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  1. my7ways

    Deleting kexts in shell

    I apologize if i’m posting this incorrectly it has been a long time. Messed up installing fakepciid.kext on my mojave system and I’m trying to delete it using from s/l/e using the clover shell. No usb at all when i get to login screen, even in safe mode, single user won’t boot. Only terminal i...
  2. my7ways

    Does Unibeast installer have to be created with similar hardware?

    It sounds like a stupid question but I'm starting to think the Yosemite installer I made with Unibeast on my previous build may be unusable with my new build. I created it with G41M-ES2L/E7500/9500GT running Mavericks and used LegacyUSB option for successful Yosemite install on old build, is...
  3. my7ways

    Can anyone recommend 24bit sound card for Lion

    onboard alc888b is not bad but would like to upgrade to a 24bit PCI sound card, the audiophile 2496 is the only one listed on the wiki and is $100+, does anyone know if the sound blaster audigy 2zs will work with Lion? it's much cheaper, want to hear some quality tunes, thanks