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  1. adrojeda

    Dell 9020 USFF

    would this also work as well or should i stick to the original method
  2. adrojeda

    Dell 9020 USFF

    anyone having problems with this i can share my trying to figure out how to get usb 3.0 to work here is my plist anyway hope this helps and also if anyone can figure out the usb 3.0 part that would be greatly appreciated
  3. adrojeda

    << Solved >> Dell Optiplex 9020 with integrated HD 4600 Graphics

    anybody just getting 720p max out on the integrated 4600 when on youtube?
  4. adrojeda

    << Solved >> Dell Optiplex 9020 with integrated HD 4600 Graphics

    so just to make sure if I get the Nvdia GT 710 its just plug and play with Mojave with Dell Optiplex SFF 9020? Thanks in advance.
  5. adrojeda

    Dell Optiplex 3020/7020/9020 High Sierra Installation

    copy of plist? and you have it hooked up via displayport?
  6. adrojeda

    Dell 9020 SFF Mojave Install Guide ?

    Thank you sir will config later accordingly
  7. adrojeda

    Dell Optiplex 9020 Mid Tower / Realtek ALC3220

    same following for this....thanks in advance.
  8. adrojeda

    Sebinouse's Build : CustoMacMini 2014 - Intel NUC Haswell i5-4250U - El Capitan

    i cannot get the audio to work on this any help i got the graphics to work thanks to the last couple of posts its only the audio that i have trouble with