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  1. niceiceman

    BT headphone audio jitter Broadcom BCM94360

    has anyone experienced this issue, my Broadcom BCM943602CS seriously jitters with my BT headphones. I decided to switch off the wifi on this card and all the jitters have gone. does anyone have any solutions to this? my Broadcom BCM943602CS is a all in one card (WIFI /BT COMBO) thx
  2. niceiceman

    help -- standby / instant wake - catalina

    HELP! My Hackintosh has installed since high Sierra and the standby feature seems have worked normally. I am not very sure start from when, but I am sure I noticed that the standby function does not work properly and it instantly wake up after the power led goes off.. If I leave it there, the...
  3. niceiceman

    << Solved >> After Install 10.14.3, macOS Won't Boot Up

    for some unknown reason, i can install 10.14.3 successfully, but after approx. 30 mins, the machine can no longer boot up and stuck with the OsxAptioFix crash issue. i have tried twice and same issue happens does anyone know what can go wrong?
  4. niceiceman

    experience sharing: random reboot solved

    since the upgrade of Mojave, I had suffered from random reboot issues. After numerous of trial and error testing, I finally realized it was caused by my old DSDT patching files. As a result, I have removed all those files and added on a parameter in config.plist [plugintype = true] (note, not...
  5. niceiceman

    HiDPi mode with 3440x1440 34" monitor

    HI there, I have just installed the LG 34UB88P 34inch monitor with 3440x1440 with Mojave The display resolution can directly go up to 3440x1440 with no additional modification. Question: do I need to...
  6. niceiceman

    [Solved] killed my build via update 10.13.6 ... please help

    I just killed my build via update 10.13.6 ... please help.. i update the clover configuration and clover, and install the update. the first round of update complete and then i reboot... but then, both boot install for mac XXX and boot mac-osx goes to black screen or reboot loop... please...
  7. niceiceman

    Proper way for motherboard upgrade

    Hi all I have tried to search the forum and I cannot see any post on the instruction of motherboard upgrade. I am trying to upgrade my Hackintosh of high sierra from Haswell i5-4460 Gigabyte B85M-DS3Ha to Coffee Lake i5-8600K Gigabyte 370 hd3. It is possible to keep my existing built? or do I...
  8. niceiceman

    [Solved] audio_cloverALC1.3 no longer works

    I am new to OSX, while i have successfully installed EI Capatin and upgraded to High Sierra on my Gigabyte B85M DS3H-A with realtek 887 audio codec. I did not activate the sound card at the start and then I setup the audio card later with audio_cloverALC command.. It worked but the mic did not...