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  1. zipb

    Updating via the app store, need several attempts

    OSX.14.6/Clover 5119 For a couple of months now, updating apps via the App Store takes several tries. I get a couple of errors first, and then it works. Any ideas?
  2. zipb


    After months of trouble free use I have a problem. Every other day, I suddenly get weird pixelated and repeating graphic patterns while doing nothing special/demanding and then my Hack stalls and I need to reboot with the powerswitch. I see this in the log...
  3. zipb

    org.slice.HWMonitor SMC2-Helper errors

    Chasing down a recurring glitch in audio playback. Checking log files is difficult because of tons of org.slice.HWMonitor SMC2-Helper errors. How do I get rid of this helper file? I took out kexts, removed hwmonitor from login items, checked launchagents and daemons, but it still runs after a...
  4. zipb

    Z170x-UD5-TH EFI for Mojave 10.14.4

    Can someone with a working OSX10.14.4 on a Z170X-UD5-TH upload his EFI folder? I'm experiencing weirdness with ACPI and hwmonitor, and I would like to have a look at someones working EFI folder.
  5. zipb

    clover/efi weirdness

    I just upgraded to 10.14.4. Works fine. On closer inspection, I see weirdness in my EFI partition. My /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other looks like this: NullCPUPowerManagement.kext VirtualSMC.kext SMCSuperIO.kext FakeSMC.kext IntelMausiEthernet.kext USBInjectAll.kext...
  6. zipb

    usb3.1 and sleep problem

    I have a USB 3 disk connected to my TB3/USB3.1 combo port via an adapter. This works OK, but when I sleep my hack this disk gets ejected with an error on wake, and jettison and fixUSB will not solve this problem. Jettison will unmount, but not remount. In fact, the whole usb3.1 implementation...
  7. zipb

    Piece of cake

    Easiest upgrade ever. Upgraded my kexts to the latest via the very handy new option in Clover Config, then downloaded the Mojave installer from the App Store. Compressed a copy, and then ran the installer. Bunch of reboots(I wasn't paying much attention, so I ended up booting from my NVME HS...
  8. zipb

    NVME Boot & Z170x & High Sierra 10.13.1

    My SSD's were getting full once more and I could get a good deal on an Intel 760 1TB NVME SSD. Here's what I did(using OSX10.13.1): 0. Reorder PCIe stuff, lower PCIe x4 slot shares PCIe lanes with M2 slot. Moved UAD card to x1 slot, moved WIFI/BT card to x1 slot next to GFX card. Put NVME bar in...
  9. zipb

    Lost Intel iGPU in Luxmark

    I noticed I've lost my Intel iGPU in Luxmark. It only uses/scores my RX480 now... My iGPU didn't add much, but still. Will investigate the SSDT I threw out, there might be something in there that makes both GPU's work in Luxmark. On the other hand, my graphics are fine now, FCPX works, intel...
  10. zipb

    Making TB3 and USB-C work properly

    I have a couple of TB3/USB-C ports on my Hack. They sort of work, which is nice. But the current state of support leaves a lot to be desired. Sleep doesn't work properly for me because of these ports. Can't hot swap TB3 devices. TB devices do not show up in about this Mac. Etc. I have looked at...
  11. zipb

    4k monitor/GPU upgrade advice

    My lovely wife gave me some of her tax return money, so I can finally upgrade my aging AMD6870 & Dell 1440p monitor to a 40-inch 4K/2160p screen and a more modern/4k capable GPU. The screen has to be good enough to do semi-pro photo retouching(lightroom & photoshop), but I also use FCP every...
  12. zipb

    Compatibility check...

    Side note: Does macOS support sound cards? I worth with Logic and I want the best sound possible. If you buy a OSX compatible sound card, then it will work fine. I'm a happy Metric Halo and Lynx Aurora user.
  13. zipb

    Charging iPad Air 2 with Skylake hardware

    I searched the site, but could only find older info. Is there a way to make a Skylake board charge an iPad? My iPhone gets charged properly, my iPad doesn't, there's some sort of current limiting taking place. On all ports. I checked Clover, I already have high current settings for USB, but this...
  14. zipb

    USB still not 100% functional... Can you have a look, Rehabman?

    I've tweaked my Z170x as close to perfection as I can with my limited knowledge of ACPI/SSDT/etc, but I still have intermittent problems with USB devices. Sometimes they will not get recognized on boot/insertion, and need to be plugged/unplugged several times before they show up/work. Also, when...
  15. zipb

    Z170x-ud5-th BIOS F20 upgrade, do I need to change/update SSDT's?

    I have upgraded my BIOS to F20 from F5 in the hope of getting rid of occasional kernel_task problems. I already properly excluded/fixed my USB(I also have USB weirdness every now and then, unfortunately the fix hasn't helped much). I wonder if it is a good idea to upgrade/update SSDT's? I can...
  16. zipb

    HD530 over HDMI and 1440p problem

    My Z170X-UD5-TH only has HDMI for video. I have a 1440p monitor, but the monitor control panel doesn't 'see' this resolution. I can force it with switchresx, but that doesn't look very good... Any ideas? My old Z68XP/AMD6870 connected via DVI-D is perfectly capable of 1440p with calibrated...
  17. zipb

    Immediate reboot after shutdown

    Busy testing my new Z170X-UD5-TH/6700k/32GB/firmware F5 machine. Using OSX.11.4. Problem: after a shutdown, there's an immediate reboot. I've checked the usual, WOL off in BIOS, adjusted some stuff in Clover, to no avail. Anyone with a Z170X-UD5-TH/F5 that shuts down properly? Can I have a...
  18. zipb

    Mb 8.2.1 Fails On Increase Max Port Limit...(usb)

    Preparing a boot disk for my new Z170x hack on my old Z68. Tried several times. Hep much appreciated. Logs: 10/26/13 16:16:30 - Starting MultiBeast 6.0-20131022 10/26/13 16:22:05 - Copy of '/Volumes/Vetreks 4/Extra/DSDT.aml' failed. 'The file “DSDT.aml” couldn’t be opened because there is no...
  19. zipb

    TL-WN881ND card slow

    Hi everyone, I need to connect to an iPad so I put a TL-WN881ND PCIe card I had lying around in my 10.9.5 Z68 hack. I read Toleda's sticky(great, thanks!) and decided to use the ARPT.kext method. After installing toledaARPT.kext the airport symbol appeared and WIFI worked. But it is erratic and...