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  1. bthall

    [solved] HP 450 G4-Backlight level not restored after reboot

    The backlight level is not being restored after a shutdown/restart on my HP ProBook 450 G4 and is always set at max level upon startup. I have checked that the Clover RC scripts are installed and that NVRAM is working. I can set/change backlight level using f5/f6 keys and can check the...
  2. bthall

    ProBook 450 G4 Audio Anomaly

    I recently installed macOS 10.12.6 on a new ProBook 450 G4 using RehabMan's "HP ProBook/EliteBook/Zbook using Clover UEFI hotpatch" guide (using CloverUEFI v4184). Everything seems to be working fine except for one anomaly with audio. While audio works, I'm having an issue where no matter what...
  3. bthall

    Success Installing GM on HP ProBook 4530s

    Installed El Capitan GM Candidate on my ProBook 4530s. After running ProBook Installer 6.4.2, everything seems to be working OK. -bth
  4. bthall

    Trouble with USB on ProBook 4530s

    I've had Yosemite running with the Clover bootloader for about two weeks on my ProBook 4530s and everything was working just fine. Now it seems that my USB ports won't operate correctly once I've booted into OS X. Plugging in a hard drive results in the the drive's icon popping up on the...
  5. bthall

    Yosemite machine not visible to other Hacks/Macs on Network

    I've successfully installed Yosemite on my GA-Z77-UP5 TH based machine and have wi-fi and access to internet working, however, my Yosemite machine is not visible to other Hacks/Macs on my network. Trying to ping or ssh to the Yosemite machine times out, however if I ping or ssh from the...
  6. bthall

    4530s (XOU15T) DVD not recognized

    4530s (XUO15UT) DVD not recognized Question from a noob here. I've "successfully" installed 10.8.1 on my HP Probook 4530s (gotten past the 'boot 0' and 'still waiting for root device' issues) and it seems now that the CD/DVD drive only works when I boot in safe mode. Booting in normal mode...