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  1. spmcveigh

    [Clover] Difference between DSDT fixes "New way" and "Old way" in config.plist?

    I'm really confused about this section (clover wiki link). Are the mutually exclusive? Is it better to use the new way? How do you know if you even need this section in your config?
  2. spmcveigh

    [Clover] Z87X-UD7-TH DSDT/config.plist edits...

    Hi all... *cough* toleda *cough* :D I've been following tonymac's clover guide for my first hack. On a few trial install runs (using discrete graphics) I've been mostly successful (except for audio and HD4600). I'm now learning how to edit config.plist and creating custom DSDT. Unfortunately...
  3. spmcveigh

    [Help] WiFi/BT chipsets on Z87x-UD7-TH?

    Hi all, I'm working on my first hack. I plan to use the WiFi/BT bundle included with the UD7-TH and follow Airport - PCIe Half Mini v2 guide. So, my question is what are the make/model of the wifi and bt chipsets? Thanks.
  4. spmcveigh

    Recommendation for Internal/External RAID?

    Hi all, I'd like to have a RAID 5 or similar solution for a new build. I've read terrible things about the RAID 5 implementation on Z87 (terrible write speeds). The build I have in mind will be dual or triple boot. (1) Does anyone have experience running RAID 5 on Z87? Is it satisfactory...