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  1. lacromex

    [Success] Asus Z9PE & Xeon 2680v2 (GTX770, 2x SSD, 32GB Ram, 10.9.1)

    I follow every single step. However, I couldn't pass the stage to format the disk. I'm not sure what I've done wrong. If you have time to response back. Really appreciated.
  2. lacromex

    [ SUCCESS ] Haswell mATX : i7 4790k | ASUS Z97M-PLUS | ASUS GTX670 2Gb Mini | 24GB DDR3

    Just wanted to update that I have almost identical as your system. I've been struggling for the past 2 weeks just tried to make it work. Finally, i got everything working. Really happy! Couple things different from yours were: 1. Bios updated to 2305 2. AMD/ATI Graphic Card HD 5770 1GB 3. For...