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  1. muaddibfr

    macOS 10.14.3 Supplemental Update

    No problem here, no need to patch telemetry for my core 2 quad processor.
  2. muaddibfr

    Update Directly to macOS Mojave

    Hi, I updated directly from High Sierra via Appstore, and despite my old hardware, everything is OK. The 2 little problems I had were : - my High Sierra was on a HFS+ filesystem, so I didn't have apfs.efi in CLOVER/drivers64, which made it impossible to boot - my core2quad doesn't have SSE4.2...
  3. muaddibfr

    Quadro K2000?

    Hi, Just for the record, I upgraded to High Sierra and everything is OK, same model. Best,
  4. muaddibfr

    Quadro K2000?

    I just set the model to iMac14,2. Then boot without nvidia drivers and it should be OK. OS version is Sierra, 10.12.6. Best,
  5. muaddibfr

    Nvidia Quadro 2000

    Sorry, there were talks about 2000 and K2000, and my reply is about K2000, which is the version I have :-) Sorry for the incomprehension.
  6. muaddibfr

    Install Audio Kexts Problems

    Hi, Did you try installing VoodooHDA ? I have this audio chipset, and I have nice sound with VoodooHDA 2.8.8 under Sierra. HTH
  7. muaddibfr

    Nvidia Quadro 2000

    Hi, I have this card running on a Sierra Hackintosh. I works with and without Web drivers, I just had to change my model from MacBook3,1 to iMac14,2 to have the card recognised. Best,
  8. muaddibfr

    Quadro K2000?

    Hello, I'm running a Quadro K2000 on a Sierra Hackintosh. The only thing I had to struggle with was the Mac model : my previous MacBook3,1 didn't see the card, I had to switch to iMac14,2. Runs fine, with or without Web drivers. Best,