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  1. Welletoraptus

    Raid 0 + Chimera + Yosemite?

    Anyone how has a RAID 0 setup with Yosemite and want to share some tips? Im using Chimera and i can't use Clover... I have tried 50 times. but only chimera will boot with yosemite n my setup. Asus Saberooth x79 intel i7 3930k Gigabyte 760 2gb 2x intel 530 240gb SSD
  2. Welletoraptus

    Weird white box!

    I just bought two new AOC 27'' displays. When i plugged them in, I got w weird small white box in the top left hand corner. why? how can i fix it?
  3. Welletoraptus

    Audio input problems

    Hi, i got my Asus sabertooth x79 Motherboard, i got sound out. but none of my microphone jack works. How can i fix it? Thanks
  4. Welletoraptus

    Error code -36

    Hi guys! I'm new to this forum. thanks for a great community. I got some problems. I should copy some raw images from my canon 70D Sd-card to my Hackintosh HDD. but when I drag and drop the images a got an weird error. What should i do to fix this? I really need some help! Thanks!