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  1. katza

    Z490 & Z590

    Hello community, Z590 is arriving on January with PCIe 4.0 & new 11th generation CPUs. As apple are moving to it's own CPUs, do you think Z490 will be the last supported chipset for hackintosh builds?
  2. katza

    Sierra and BlackMagic Decklink

    Hello wizards! I have a very stable Hackintosh (Asus P8 H77-M PRO) with a Win10 & Sierra Dual-Boot. I installed a BlackMagic Design Decklink Card for professional Use. I have checked the SDI Input latency on both Win10 & Sierra. Windows gets about 3 frames delay while sierra gets about 5 frames...
  3. katza

    CLEVO P750DM Internal screen problem

    Hi all! I have installed El capitan 10.11.2 Over my New Clevo P750DM with a single discrete Nvidia 980m (No integrated GPU available on this system) I have followed all the instruction carefully from this post...