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  1. CeeeWeee

    OpenCore on

    I have enjoyed (and contributed as good as I can) to this awesome site - was a game-changer for me in regards to Hackintosh. I am not really into the "scene" of who is what and why in and around hackintoshing, but OpenCore for sure gets a lot of attention these days. Personally I...
  2. CeeeWeee


    Hi guys, I will be honest and say I like the Apple Wired keyboard with num-pad!!! It just works. But if there was something out there that would beat it hands-down...num-pad or not... ...what would it be? What do you use if not the Apple one? :?:
  3. CeeeWeee

    Wifi USB device

    I am a happy camper with a new RX 5700 XT graphics card... ...but that beast steals 3 (3!!!) slots. So now my CPU Cooler (Noctua NH-D15) is covering 1 PCI slot and the new graphics card covers the other.... I am on wired network - but occasionally I want to be on wifi. Do any of you know of a...
  4. CeeeWeee

    RX 5700 XT with i7-6700K?

    I am etching to get the Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX 5700 XT 8GB... I am in doubt whether my i7-6700K will be a (too) limiting factor and be a bottleneck. Catalina: - Primary booting into this - Office stuff, gaming on less graphics intensive turn-based games Windows: - more graphics intensive...
  5. CeeeWeee

    [Guide] Catalina Gigabyte Z170 HD3P + i7-6700K + Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8Gb

    First - there a good general guides already. Will concentrate on what worked for this specific setup. It is an older system and therefore some might need that. Fresh Install (upgrade is below) Create boot disk as stated here in the Update directly to MacOs Catalina thread Remember to use the...
  6. CeeeWeee

    Safari 13.0

    Hi TM86's, I am wondering why this site has not mentioned Safari 13.0 yet. As soon as I got the notification of the new Safari I went to this site to learn whether or not to install...but no mention. Is this because you all see this similar to an app-update and see no issue? I got paranoid for...
  7. CeeeWeee

    Help clean my config.plist

    First - My system is running OK in Mojave (got my RX580 today:)). But I think my config.plist could use a clean up. E.g... Do I still need the AppleUSBXHCIPCI and IOAHCIBlockStorage entries in Mojave? I have different entries that I think I could do without. If one of you that a used to read...
  8. CeeeWeee

    [Solved] From Nvidia 1060 to Sapphire RX 580

    Hi all, I am going to put in a Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8GB card instead of my GTX 1060. I think I saw somewhere what to remember while doing so...but cannot find it again. Is it just uninstalling the Nvidia Web Driver before shutting down or is there more for me to remember? Thanks!
  9. CeeeWeee

    Please delete thread

    Please delete thread
  10. CeeeWeee

    Swapping disks help - OSX <=> Windows

    Hi all, I need to swap disks and would appreciate your input on my plan. (reason for doing this is that i need way more space on my Windows partition compared to my OSX partition (games!!!)) I have 2 SSD's - (A)1 500GB for OSX and (B)1 250GB for Windows. Clover/EFI is right now on disk A. I...
  11. CeeeWeee

    HFS+ to APFS conversion

    I upgraded to High Sierra but left the file system at HFS+. I wanted to make sure I could use MultiBeast if needed. Also it would be the easiest if I had to restore my CCC backup. Anyway - now all is working nicely. So I am thinking of finally converting to APFS. I guess it is just a matter of...
  12. CeeeWeee

    Slow boot - Gigabyte Z170-HD3P

    Hi experts, i have been running my Hackintosh for a week now and I am mostly very very happy. I don't think by USB's work as they should - but I do not really know how to test it as I only have keyboard/mouse to put in them and they work fine. What is bothering me mostly is quite slow boot...
  13. CeeeWeee

    [Solved] FakeSMC created Panic crash - but the kext is not in thr /s/l/e folder

    Hi all, Now i did what i had feared as a new Hackintosh owner. I installed the FakeSMC.kext with the plugins via MultiBeast. Thereafter i get the Panic error during boot. I have started in Single User Mode with the intention of just - as a starting point deleting/moving the kext away from the...
  14. CeeeWeee

    Create a baseline - Security for when I FU at some point

    Hi all, finally after a good 20 hours I am a fully functional Hackintosh - works super. Happy happy. I have switched over from a Late 2009 iMac. Now - I am new to Hackintosh and I am afraid I still could fu** u* stuff along the way. As you all know it is very time consuming to install all apps...