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  1. boez2000

    Sleep not working, Latitude E6510(same hw as E6410)

    Hello, My laptop really confuses to go into sleep mode. When I put to sleep, the screen does turn off, the harddisk also but it doesn't go to really sleep mode (lights on, fan still spinning). I really don't know how to solve this.
  2. boez2000

    AGPM.kext loading, but it stops after ~10 switches.

    At system bootup, when I search for AGPM in Console it gives me for about 500 times this message: "12/07/15 21:56:36,000 kernel[0]: AGPM: updateGPUHwPstate(0, 0): fHwPstate = 0 fFB = 0xffffff800e4ef800".Then a few times switching from g-state to ..... mixed with previous message. And then, it...
  3. boez2000

    AGPM.kext loading properly, but gpu not clocking down.

    Hello, After hours getting AGPM.kext loading, I was surprised by the fact it doesn't change my gpu's frequency. HWMonitor says so, and I think it's true because it is still running quite hot. It's changing G-States properly, according to Console. I attached my AGPM.kext and IOReg. I'm using...
  4. boez2000

    Can't get AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext to load!

    Hello, I have been trying to get GPU PM working, but I can't get it. I have tried almost everything. I hope i can get some help. I've attached my IOReg and my AGPM.kext Note: It's for my laptop so specs aren't right.
  5. boez2000

    [SOLVED] Hero vii, Ci7-4790K wakes immediately after sleep(2 seconds), Clover UEFI

    As the title says, my new motherboard has no problems, sound works(patch), except sleep. If I turn it into sleepmode, it wakes after 2 seconds, then it goes right to my desktop. I set HibernateMode to 0, 1, 3 and 20, but no luck at all. There was a moment I thought my soundcard was the problem...