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  1. baohiep

    What platform-id to inject for UHD 620?

    Based on my research, Mojave has native support for Coffee-Lake, but unfortunately not for KabyLake-R (eg. 59178086: UHD 620) since no MacBook has this GPU. Currently I'm faking it as 59168086 and using MacBookPro14,1. Is that OK, if not, what platform-id should I inject, as well as which...
  2. baohiep

    [Guide] Asus Zenbook using Clover UEFI hotpatch

    This guide will provide you basic instruction to install macOS High Sierra/Mojave on your Asus Zenbook laptop. This build uses @RehabMan's hot patch technique. Supported models: - UX310 (KabyLake) - UX330 (KabyLake) (not tested) - UX330 (KabyLake-R) - UX410 (KabyLake) - UX430 (KabyLake) -...
  3. baohiep

    AppleBacklightInjector from Clover?

    @RehabMan I want to have backlight working in Recovery and Installer, but AppleBacklightInjector doesn't work if I load it by Clover. So I want to know what that kext does? I think it could be ported to a Lilu plugin so that it can be load by Clover
  4. baohiep

    LG Gram 13 2017: Can't patch battery and brightness keys

    I'm trying to patch DSDT to get working battery status and brightness keys. The strange things with this laptop are that I can't find any EmbeddedControl (battery) or _Q** (brightness keys). I don't know what to do now.
  5. baohiep

    "HD Unsupported" in DVD Player

    In supported features of DVD Player, everything except HD is supported (see screenshot below). Is it normal? If not, can I fix it?
  6. baohiep

    Question about XOSI

    @RehabMan My laptop is ASUS UX410 with KabyLake 7200u CPU. Currently I'm dual booting Windows 10 and macOS 10.13.5. I want to know if I should simulate "Windows 8" or "Windows 10" in XOSI. Could you give me some reasons why I should use one and not the other? Thanks very much!
  7. baohiep

    [solved] Asus UX410U - Hot patch keyboard backlight

    Hello. I'm trying to convert all my maciasl patches to "hot patch" SSDT but I have some trouble with my keyboard backlight. If I use static patching it works, but not when I use SSDT. Anyone can help me ?