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  1. dsms

    [Success] Core i5-3570K - MSI Z77 MPower - GTX 680

    hm, not sure. I didn't have problems with the XMP so far. What happens when your RAM runs at lower speed, for example, 1333 Mhz? When your machine reboots a few times after you press the power button, try to open the "Console" program and try to find out what had caused reboot. Btw, my machine...
  2. dsms

    Need DSDT for MSI Z77 MPOWER

    Did you follow my guide ? Which graphics card do you have?
  3. dsms

    [Success] Core i5-3570K - MSI Z77 MPower - GTX 680

    Hm, did you install FakeSMC? this is necessary to let your Hackintosh sleep. Either you take it from MultiBeast or from here, included in the HWSensors package: And yes, I run 10.8.4 without any problems. I started with 10.8.2 and updating via...
  4. dsms

    [Success] Core i5-3570K - MSI Z77 MPower - GTX 680

    Hi! I'm glad the tutorial helped you, although it is already a bit outdated. With the current version of MultiBeast the initial installation should be much easier. What is the exact symptom with sleep? does it not sleep at all? does it not automatically sleep? Over time I recognized that my...
  5. dsms

    [Success] Core i5-3570K - MSI Z77 MPower - GTX 680

    I'm glad to hear that the guide was helpful to you :) I have read in another post that you got USB 3.0 backwards compatibility working.. did you use the Universal USB 3.0 driver from MultiBeast?
  6. dsms

    [Success] Core i5-3570K - MSI Z77 MPower - GTX 680

    Hi! I did the 10.8.3 update via the App Store too and it worked fine. There is a new MultiBeast (5.3) out which comes with new audio drivers from toleda. Did you try that? If it still does not work, you could look into the respective thread of the audio driver and ask there for help...
  7. dsms

    All of a sudden HDD not readable..

    I had the same problem, my exFAT volume was gone, Disk Util said "invalid sector size: 0" and it was not able to repair the volume. This worked for me: Open up Terminal and type sudo fsck_exfat -d disk1s2, assuming that disk1s2 is the volume in question. After fsck_exfat has finished, it...
  8. dsms

    MSI mpower z77, 2500k and 6950 Hackintosh?

    No I didn't. There is no driver for the chipset. I endet up in getting the TP Link 4800.
  9. dsms

    Any help would be appreciated...

    Have you patched the BIOS to unlock power management? Also, try to boot with "GraphicsEnabler=No" (type this at the boot loader screen)
  10. dsms

    Need DSDT for MSI Z77 MPOWER

    You don't need a DSDT for this board :)
  11. dsms

    MSI Z77 MPower

    This board works perfectly fine. The interesting part is the dual BIOS, which you can easily switch if you bricked the other one ;) Have a look at my guide in the signature, I made a user build with the MSI MPower.
  12. dsms

    Msi Mpower Dsdt

    Well. you should describe how your dual installation looks like. Have you installed Windows and OS X on two different hard drives? If OS X is installed on a different drive, just select this drive in the BIOS as default boot drive. Install a boot loader on it, which gives you the chance to...
  13. dsms

    MSI Z77 MPower

    sigma941, have you been successful?
  14. dsms

    Dual building Hackintosh

    Hi how0004, I'm using the MPower too :) I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to install a dual boot system, just like you: Btw, have you got sleep working? I experienced that my FakeSMC.kext was too...
  15. dsms

    Can MSI MPower make hackintosh?

    Your components will perfectly work. I wrote a comprehensive guide covering all steps: This should work with all of your components, but I can't tell if your optical drive will work, you need to try...
  16. dsms

    MSI mpower z77, 2500k and 6950 Hackintosh?

    Everthing except on board wifi and USB 3.0 backwards compatibility will perfectly work. USB 3.0 itself works perfect as well.
  17. dsms

    mpower Z77 mainboard with i7 2600

    Hi, I wrote a guide for the MSI Z77 Mpower, you can find it here: The difference is that you have a Sandy Bridge CPU instead of Ivy Bridge. You should change then the SMBios definition to fit a...
  18. dsms

    Need compatibility advice for MSI Z77 Mpower

    Update: I have created a guide by myself:
  19. dsms

    [Success] Core i5-3570K - MSI Z77 MPower - GTX 680

    Core i5-3570K - MSI Z77 MPower - GTX 680 Components MSI Z77 Mpower Intel Core i5-3570K Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 1600 MHz Gainward GTX 680 Phantom II 2 GB...
  20. mpower