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  1. NorthAmTransAm

    Maple Ridge Sleep Temporary Fix (UAD Hardware and Video Passthrough)

    ***Quick Test for fixing Maple Ridge Sleep/Wake*** Maple Ridge is pretty new to us. Though it has a slightly different device tree, we are still able to use it. My setup works great: Video Passthrough, Hot Plug, all devices that I cant test work. Sleep however doesn't. I noticed that if I...
  2. NorthAmTransAm

    Looking for Alpine Ridge Testers for SSDT (GC-Alpine preferably)

    Hey all, I'm looking for people with z370 or z390 motherboards with an Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt card. With my Asus Prime z370-A II and ThunderboltEX3-AR I'm abled to get a fully operational Thunderbolt Bus without flashing. I'd like to try this on a GC-Alpine Ridge card but all others are welcome.
  3. NorthAmTransAm

    Looking for Thunderbolt EX3 owners (nvm26)

    Hey all, I'm looking for anyone who owns an ASUS ThunderboltEX 3 card. Specifically a card on firmware NVM26. Foolishly when experimenting with firmware patching I did not back mine up and ASUS does not provide an update for this version as it is their latest. I suppose you'll have to own an...
  4. NorthAmTransAm

    Solved > AHCI Kernel Panic (Loop Boot)

    I figured I'd stop spamming your threads and consolidate here. Hopefully this can be turned into a solved/guide post. In short, my SATA ports loaded as Generic fine in Mojave but I'm guessing it was improper and I was simply getting away with it. In 10.15.2 if I enable any occupied or...
  5. NorthAmTransAm

    Catalina Update Won't Boot With SATA Port Enabled

    Edited for better context The update went through virtually like normal, but when it was time to boot into Catalina I would get a very quick panic and reboot. I’ve managed to get a couple of screen shots from -v but it’s very fast. From what I can tell from the print out all of my kext fail to...
  6. NorthAmTransAm

    Thunderbolt Firmware Patch Request

    Hey all, I'm looking for an education on patching firmware. Resources, help, advice, or nothing at all. Whatever you got! I'm inspired by Osy86's NUC build on GH. I think it's incredible. Through reading it over and over again and I've got great thunderbolt behavior. I can hotswap like before...
  7. NorthAmTransAm

    Converting @KGP's ARPT.aml

    I've got a head scratcher that is super likely something simple. Im trying to use @kgp's SSDT-X299-ARPT.aml but I can't seem to get it right. I've tried changing with find all: External (_SB_.PC03.BR3D, DeviceObj) // (from opcode) External (_SB_.PC03.BR3D.PEGP, DeviceObj) // (from...
  8. NorthAmTransAm

    Freaking...Help. Cant access Bios

    Banging my head against a wall here. I for the life of me can't get into my bios on my Asus Prime z370a. I've removed all PCI devices, the CMOS Battery, and have jumpered pins to reset it. I still get a black screen. I can however boot OS. What the eff do I do? Sidenote, this all started...
  9. NorthAmTransAm

    SSDT For Acpi name change

    For nothing more than knowing how I'm trying to make an SSDT for changing DSM>XDSM outside of Clover. This is as far as I've gotten. Anyone down to teach and give clues? Tonymac legends @CaseySJ or @pastrychef ? Scope (DSM) { Name (_STA, Zero) // _STA: Status } Device...
  10. NorthAmTransAm

    Clover Drivers Target Volume

    Hey all, Im having this issue in Clover where the drivers in my EFI folder (Drivers64UEFI) aren't showing up in clover when looking at my playlist. The Target Volume seems not normal to me as well. Updating Clover Boot Loader corrected the Volume issue, it now says EFI in the location in the...
  11. NorthAmTransAm

    MaciASL New From ACPI DSDT error

    Has anyone out there come across an issue where you get errors trying to get your computers DSDT? Picture attached. @RehabMan, can you point me in the right direction? I'm wondering if this points to a bigger issue, though performance isn't suffering. My pro audio work has never been smoother...
  12. NorthAmTransAm

    Cores vs Threads vs Speed (Pro Audio)

    I'm looking everywhere for a clear answer and can't seem to find it. I figured this community would know best as I've relied heavily on it for building my machine anyways. In terms of Avid Pro Tools and plugins what is actually best here and can a Geekbench score really be the best benchmark...
  13. NorthAmTransAm

    [Success] ASUS Prime Z370-A+i9-9900k Pro Audio Build

    NorthAmTransAm’s Pro Tools Machine: ASUS Prime Z370-A | i9-9900K | RX 580 Note 1: Please do not simply grab the EFI and carry on. You need to read through all of this first. Get an understanding and set yourself up for success. Note 2: I've saved us from repetition here. Please visit Dortania...
  14. NorthAmTransAm

    KGP's Guide ARPT

    I cannot wrap my head around this guide. Has anyone had any luck or can break it down for me or nudge me in the right direction? @kgp
  15. NorthAmTransAm

    Thunderbolt on 5,1 *Working*

    I found an article today about adding a TB card to a Mac 5,1 and dual booting windows to get the card on then warm booting into OS and voila TB works. Im not sure if it shows up in System Profiler as thunderbolt active or if it shows up like our hackintoshes (UAD audio device). Performance is...
  16. NorthAmTransAm

    Asus Ex3 or Gigabyte

    I can't quite find a clear answer so I'm trying my own post here. I have an Asus 370a board and an Ex3 card but need multiple TB3 ports for my setup (UAD Apollo and TB3 hard drive). Other than the cable difference, does anyone have any experience or knowledge on whether or not you can use the...
  17. NorthAmTransAm

    Boot Log Dummy Check

    Hey guys, I'm pouring over my boot.log to make sure everything is as correct as it should be and have a few questions about the ACPI drop tables section. In the screenshot below, is this normal? Either way I'd love to get an understanding of it.
  18. NorthAmTransAm

    RX 580 shows up as 480 during boot

    I noticed today that my rx580 shows up as 480 in my boot.log. In OS however it shows up correctly. Has anyone ever seen this?
  19. NorthAmTransAm

    Boot Log

    I've noticed in the ACPIdroptables portion of my bootlog that most of the patches say "bin not found, already patched!." Half of them patch down the line but never more than once, and half never do. Does this mean I don't need the ones that aren't patching? I tried disabling the 3 that never...
  20. NorthAmTransAm

    Boot Hang up only when Enable USB in TB Settings is on

    @RehabMan I feel like you're my only hope here. I've got a stable system going for 4 months and part of that stability was realizing that so long as I disable USB on my TB card in bios then Im smooth sailing. Otherwise it will fail to boot. The card works as well as anyone on here has advised...