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  1. Robvas

    Does Carbon Copy Cloner Copy the EFI Partition?

    Hi guys , I accidentally lost EFI partition and my clone would not boot. How can I add EFI to the clone. I can access it on another Mac. Thank you
  2. Robvas

    Final Cut Pro X Export Fails with "Master File" error after just a few seconds

    Hi All , I've got similar issues with "share" to 1080P and 4K apple devices. Exept I am on Imac Pro 1.1 and smaller files 3-5 minute ones were OK, but 28 min clip i had was failing at 16% or more. It all went away after updating to 10.14.6. There was also a video files update, maybe it was...
  3. Robvas

    macOS 10.14.5 Update

    How did you get hardware info like that? THX
  4. Robvas

    macOS 10.14.5 Update

    Is anyone using FCPX? How’s it working. I’ve tried to update to 10.14.4 , but had to revert back to 10.14.2, because it was crashing constantly
  5. Robvas

    FCPX Crash on Launch (Mojave 10.14.1 + RX 580 + i7 6700K)

    Just noticed, after updating to watevergreen kext (oct 2018) FCPX crashed after loading library . Switching back to July 2018 solved the issue.
  6. Robvas

    FCPX 10.4.3 Rendering goes to Black Clips

    Hi ALL, I'm having an issue with importing and rendering clips. They all go black after render. I just found out , my itunes movies don't play as well. Stop at 00:00. I'm on Imac Pro 1.1 , Intel 630 acceleration works. Vega 64.
  7. Robvas

    [SOLVED] sleep=shutdown

  8. Robvas

    After 10.13.4 Security Update, Sleep Not Working

    Valid comment, I also have similar problem. System "goes" to sleep and as soon as it get's to off, comes back up right away. I also have kexts for hardware acceleration and apple blue tooth kexts.
  9. Robvas

    High Sierra - RX Vega & Final Cut h.264 fix

    The biggest issue is HDR monitor. Those run expensive , somewhere in 1300 bucks
  10. Robvas

    High Sierra - RX Vega & Final Cut h.264 fix

    Do you know what Clover Configurator is? Do you know what is SMBIOS? these are basic question you should know answers to if you want to build a hackintosh.
  11. Robvas

    Final Cut Pro Editors, green artifacts?

    I think I found my problem. It was outdated IntelGraphicsFixup kext. Dumb me... Now it looks pretty good with internal graphics up and running. Next step TB3 ... o my...
  12. Robvas

    Are Vega, OpenCL... working?

    Thank you for your reply, I was having green artifacts with internal graphics enabled in BIOs, but yesterday I found IntelGraphicsFixup kext out of date in my system. So now I'm running updated and so far all looks good. Thank you
  13. Robvas

    Are Vega, OpenCL... working?

    Hi there, can you point me in a right direction in terms of having iGPU enabled. I trying to get info on that but some posts look like going 60 over pages long. Just don't want mess everything. Thank you lots
  14. Robvas

    Final Cut Pro Editors, green artifacts?

    Looks like I'm still having artifacts with this patch as well. Any ideas how to fix that? Thank you
  15. Robvas

    [SUCCESS] GA-Z370N-WIFI + i7 8700K + Vega 64

    Can you check if Hardware Acceleration is recognized under MacX Video Converter Pro? Thx
  16. Robvas

    High Sierra - RX Vega & Final Cut h.264 fix

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has hardware acceleration with internal graphics enabled in BIOs with similar setup to mine? Mine works kinda OK , but in FCPX there are issues with optimized media being with artifacts. With internal graphics disabled all is good though. Edited: all sorted...
  17. Robvas

    Vega 64 Problems - No Acceleration

    Just wanted to give heads up. It is working now. Was trying to reply few days ago, but moderator did not allow the post. Maybe because of the link to another group. No worries!! Peace