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  1. spmcveigh

    Gigabyte GA-Z270X-Ultra Gaming and GA-Z270X-UD5 Pictures

    Are you sure about that? I see the UD5 has a TB header, but is not listed on the compatibility list for GC-ALPINE RIDGE.
  2. spmcveigh

    Jackheads PowerMac G5 -> ATX Mod

    Oh, he most definitely doesn't need it :D A slim 280 rad on the two front fans in the case could have handled all of it.
  3. spmcveigh

    can i have mac and windows on 2 seperate drives but share 1 drive

    Another two options: • Format the HDD as HFS+ and run MacDrive on windows. Not free but works very well (I have it myself). • Format the HDD as NTFS and follow these instructions. Free, but is going to have to be redone if you change the drive name or want to add another NTFS drive.
  4. spmcveigh

    X99 Hackintosh NEWBIE here!

    See Freak's GA-X99M-GAMING 5 for guide. About the MSI X99 SLI: PRO: 128 GB memory support. CON: No thunderbolt header, that is you will not be able to use thunderbolt add on card. Stick with ASUS, Gigabyte, or ASRock if you want thunderbolt.
  5. spmcveigh

    Apple Updates Spinning Beach Ball in OS X 10.11 El Capitan

    In other news, the mysterious apple employee behind the spinning disks of death is revealed:
  6. spmcveigh

    Liquid Cooled AMD Radeon R9 390X

    I thought the core configuration was 4096/256/64? I don't see how this Fiji XT can be a titan killer with < 4k GCN cores... Plus I was really looking to replace my crossfire Tahiti XTLs (2x2048) with essentially double the compute power (2x4096) :D
  7. spmcveigh

    MVC reports Titan X is fully functional with newest Web Driver

    Yes: "The GTX 680’s FP64 performance is 1/24th its FP32 performance, compared to 1/8th on GTX 580." (anandtech) Unlike Titan, Titan Black which where 1/3rd. Essentially equivalent to 980 since both 1/32nd but will perform slightly better than 980 since essentially 50% more compute...
  8. spmcveigh

    MVC reports Titan X is fully functional with newest Web Driver

    Its too bad the DP performance is god awful (1/32 SP). Kind of defeats the purpose of the ridiculous $1K asking price as an entry level professional card. Now its just a super high end gaming card.
  9. spmcveigh

    ASUS ThunderboltEX II PCIe Expansion Card - Testing Thread

    Z97 Deluxe and Z97 WS are thunderbolt compatible, according to asus website. Add to list?
  10. spmcveigh

    tonymacx86's ASUS Test Build: Z97-A - i3-4340 - HD4600 - Thunderbolt EX II

    Only reaction appropriate for this: Now all we need is 4k Thunderbolt monitors. Great work as always tony. A Z97-WS build w/Thunderbolt card would be a killer build... :D
  11. spmcveigh

    Mac Pro replica (late 2013) - low power design

    Te only img appropriate for the epicness of this thread.
  12. spmcveigh

    GA-Z87X-UD7 TH - HDMI Audio woes

    Toleda, I followed these instructions and got everything working just fine on the first graphics card out of the 2 R9 280Xs I have in 16x slots. Its clear I need to duplicate your above edits somehow for the second card. Any ideas? Thanks.
  13. spmcveigh

    GTX Titan Z - anyone testing this card yet?

    You may want to keep up to date w/ OpenCL support on the GK110b (i.e. Titan Black). I know its been iffy but I haven't been keeping up to date on it since i went AMD.
  14. spmcveigh

    GTX Titan Z - anyone testing this card yet?

    Let me save you the trouble: DO NOT GET THIS CARD. Don't even bother considering it. Its an utter clusterf*ck waste of money. Driver performance (i.e. thread distribution over GPUs by apps) is abysmal even in windows, much less OS X. About the only thing it kills is Luxmark, N-Body simulations...
  15. spmcveigh

    RAM G.skill Ripjaws X 1600 DDR3, work?

    Its not really a matter of OS X; you need to check compatibility with your motherboard. In the manual, there will be a listing of various memory modules which have been tested and verified to be compatible by the manufacturer. That being said, RAM compatibility is almost guaranteed to work if...
  16. spmcveigh

    Z87X-UD7TH with 10.9.2 - Best Practices for Installation

    I'll be writing a complete guide soon for this motherboard using Clover EFI.
  17. spmcveigh

    AMD or Nvidia for Final Cut Pro X

    Nothing special, no graphics injector, no kext edits. Benchmark attached.
  18. spmcveigh

    Best graphic card (compatible or soon compatible) for FCPX

    10.9.3, W8.1, Ubuntu Using clover, still working on the multi boot on the same drive. Everything is fine except sleep, but I think this is because i need to compile a SSDT for the motherboard. No kext edits needed. Works out of the box. They're OpenCL compatible, so it works with FCPX...
  19. spmcveigh

    Best graphic card (compatible or soon compatible) for FCPX

    Working out of the box D700 substitute.
  20. spmcveigh

    AMD or Nvidia for Final Cut Pro X

    I have two of these working out of the box, which are exactly the same as the D700 in the Mac Pro 6,1 (i.e. Trash Can) except run @ 1050 MHz rather than 850 MHz. Damn and they're $50 less then I paid for them :cry: Pros: Great opencl performance (FP64 as good as a Titan). Gaming...