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  1. HappyJack247

    (Solved) Z390 9900k Sleep / Shudown Restart Issue

    Hi, I just thought I would mention a fix I found for the sleep - or shutdown restart issue. When I did my build I tried all the latest iMac SMBIOS. Everything worked except sleep and shutdown. Both caused a restart. I tried all the usual stuff and was resisting more complicated fixes. By...
  2. HappyJack247

    9900k - Not a Hot CPU - The easy way

    Everybody has said that the 9900k is really hot. I believed them all. I resolved to use my 9900k at standard settings. It is still fast, but it was hot and noisy with fans as well. Until I read this
  3. HappyJack247

    Two clover folders on one EFI?

    All is running okay, but surely this can't be right. I may have installed clover from Multibeast AND the Clover installer when I was having post installation struggles. Should I remove one? If so which one? I tried the recent security update and it stalled at the Apple logo. Not sure if this is...
  4. HappyJack247

    Overclocking 4790k GA Z97X-UD3H GTX950 Bios Setting

    Overclock 4790k GA Z97X-UD3H Easy Bios Settings Many people have this setup so I thought it would be interesting to have a thread to post our settings on. I am a casual clocker. I just want a stable clock speed to run without hassle on a daily basis with everything working right. My other rig...