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  1. phomac

    Install Windows 8 from a USB flash drive

    Is it possible to install a copy of Windows 8 from a USB flash drive to new drive in conjunction with existing OS X installation?
  2. phomac

    UniBeast can't see 128 GB PNY USB 3.0

    "No Disk Available To Install On UniBeast installation requires a HFS-partitioned removable disk with at least 7 GB free." The USB drive is formatted to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as Master Boot Record. What am I doing wrong?
  3. phomac

    Adding multiple drives in my system

    So all Lion installation done with my SSD. I have couple of existing HDDs with partitions that was previously used in Windows 7. I plugged this back in the motherboard but Lion doesn't boot up anymore. It says something about Windows can't recognize the new hardware, but when I reboot with...
  4. phomac

    Disk Utility

    I have successfully installed Lion and everything seems working i.e. network, graphics, audio, and sleep except the deleting partition. I'm trying to delete the "Installer" partition created when installing Lion in disk utility but it won't let me, meaning I hit 'erase' but it's showing on the...
  5. phomac

    Can't even get to the safe mode. Help!

    I've upgraded my Snow Leopard, installed MultiBeast 4 with EasyInstall and some other sytem components. Restarted it and it's stuck at gray screen. I did -v and it seems to be the geforce and appleHDA causing the panic. Restarted for -x but it's still stuck at gray screen. Any ideas? Thank.
  6. phomac

    Mac froze up while installing MultiBeast

    Help needed please. I have just successfully installed Snow Leopard plus it's combo update, but everything stopped there when installing MultiBeast. While installing, computer froze up with the apple text saying to restart. I restarted my computer but it got stuck in the apple logo gray screen...