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  1. pascalholm

    Random THz spikes in HW monitor? Catalina / Overclocked 5930k

    Getting some random Spikes in the HWMonitor.. Anyone had this before and solved it? im overclocked with np C1/EIST on PURPOSE as i prefer full whack at all times, always have for years on multiple HackBuilds but never seen this. Help! :)
  2. pascalholm

    How to fully disable Speedstep? 5930K Overclocked to 4.5

    Hey Guys, Ive got my overclocked 5930k stable at 4.5Ghz (x99 system, El Capitan) I cant for the life of me work out how to stop speedstep/power management from dropping it down to 1.2ghz/fluctuating when not using anything CPU intensive. I want it on PERMANENTLY at 4.5GHZ. My temps when doing...
  3. pascalholm

    Thunderbolt Display - Audio/Camera/USB ports support

    Hi all, Has anyone figured out how to get Audio/Cam/USB ports working on a connected Thunderbolt Display? Works perfectly as a display in Yosemite via Thunderbolt II PCI add in card on my Gigabyte X99 Soc Force but cant get anything except the display to actually work. Is it anything to do...
  4. pascalholm

    ATI Radeon HD 7870 Displayport not working - Yosemite

    Hi all, Used clover install, everythings working perfectly thanks to tony and his teams awesome guide.. except, I cant get any displays connected via the displayport on my card to work? Ive seen a few other posts mentioned but no result or replies to those threads... Anyone have any success...
  5. pascalholm

    Yosemite - miniDisplayPort capable out of the box supported graphics card

    Hi all, I already have a custommac built thanks to all on here and tonymac86, but need to upgrade the graphics card for many reasons but mostly to use with my Apple Thunderbolt display. Anyone got any experience/rec's on a supported graphics card that has a miniDisplayPort? And be supported in...
  6. pascalholm

    ULTRA MINIMUM Essentials only Bootloader?

    Hi All, Second hackintosh build, new ssd etc. Previous build i left the USB in and didnt install any bootloader (using it to boot every time) and everything worked 100% PERFECTLY all the time without ANY additional installs needed. (all hardw chosen for default support in osx). When...