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  1. rko8811

    RX 560 4gb vs 2gb

    I need a budget card that will do 4K @ 60hz. Looking to buy a used MSI RX 560 Aero ITX which has a 4gb version and a 2gb one. How much of the difference will that extra VRAM matter if I don't do any gaming?
  2. rko8811

    GPU that will play 4K 60hz video on Catalina/Big Sur out of the box?

    Just bought a 4K 60hz monitor but my rig running Catalina at the moment has a GT 710 card which only does 4K @ 30hz. What's a cheap card that will run 4K 60hz and should work out of the box? Was thinking a RX 560 but are there any particular brands/models that are more likely to play nice...
  3. rko8811

    Moving Catalina to a new SSD

    I want to move my OS to a bigger (500gb) and faster SSD using Carbon Copy Cloner and use my current SSD (256gb) as an internal backup. I've done some reading and it seems pretty straightforward but I just want to make sure I have the procedure down. 1. With Disk Utility, erase the new SSD with...
  4. rko8811

    "Install system data files and security updates"

    Should we keep this option enabled in App Store preferences?
  5. rko8811

    Safe to install security update 2016-004?

    Wondering if it's causing any issues on 10.10.5.