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  1. jb007

    macOS 11.0 Big Sur - Use font smoothing when available - Missing

    Hi All. The 'Use font smoothing when available' option is no longer on the General section in System Preferences. I prefer to have a thin font (not smoothed), so does anyone know if this option can be enabled/disabled by a command line in the terminal?
  2. jb007

    [Solved] Catalina thinks my Corsair Commander Pro is a UPS

    When I get to my login screen, I get a system message saying that I am running off the batteries on the UPS. I don’t have a UPS! Investigation reveals that it is thinking that my Corsair Commander Pro which is connected to my internal USB 2.0 port (it’s marked as an internal device in the...
  3. jb007

    Need feedback on exFAT Shared Drive

    Hi all. I'm building/built a new Hackintosh that will multi-boot with Windows 10 Pro. I want to have a common secondary drive that stores both OS's Documents, Pictures, Music and more importantly my development files which are under GIT source control with the server being on an external QNAP...
  4. jb007

    Help for Setting Up USB on GA-Z77M-D3H-MVP Mobo

    Hi @macnb. I've tried to get all of the USB ports working, but for some reason the second rear USB3 port only loads as a USB2 port. I don't have anything attached to the other 2 USB3 ports as I'm waiting for a 20pin header to arrive so I can use these also. I'm a little confused as to what...
  5. jb007

    High Sierra 10.13.2 with AMD RX 580 Sleep Issues

    Docxavier, I noted that the InfoPlist file as I received it, was set up for a Radeon RX 560, but I assume that all this is doing is giving the GPU a name i.e. you could call it 'Buggs Bunny' and it should stick, along with the ports value (5 in my case as I have 2 x DPI, 2 x HDMI & 1 DVI = 5...
  6. jb007

    HWmonitor GPU Temps and AMD RX580

    Hi all. I have ditched my Nvidia GTX970 and now run a Sapphire RX580 NITRO+ 8GB OC which is working perfectly in Sierra 10.13.1. I want to start playing around with openCL and the 36 GPU units... but HWmonitor doesn't (yet?) support the GPU and I wan't to make sure it is not overheating. Is...
  7. jb007

    Dual Dell P2415Q Monitors on Sierra 10.12.6

    Help! I've just gone out and purchased another Dell P2415Q 4K monitor, so I'm trying to setup dual displays, that can have different desktops. (Dual Head?) My system is emulating a iMac (27", Late 2013 14,2) I've set it up so from my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 4095 MB card a DP <-> Mini DP cable...
  8. jb007

    [Solved] iTunes Visualizer Black Screen only with iTunes Visualizer's

    I've got a problem that I haven't been able to solve by searching etc. New install of Sierra 10.12.6 using a Nvidia (Web install) GTX 960 4GB on a GA-Z77M-D3H-MVP i7 3.4GHz 32GB Ram setup as a iMac 27" Dell 42415Q Display. I can show and see my Soundspectrum vis's e.g. G-Force & Whitecap, but...
  9. jb007

    Is my Apple Aluminium USB Keyboard broken?

    My Apple USB keyboard doesn't work until it gets past the Clover boot loader. It will not get into my BIOS or allow me to navigate in Clover. It works fine in El Capitan 10.11.5. A Microsoft USB keyboard works fine in BIOS and clover as well as OS X. My motherboard is an ga-z77m-d3h-mvp. I have...