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  1. danijell

    H67M-UD2H-B3 1.1 F4 + i2400 & Mountain Lion - Sucess anyone?

    Well, was pretty happy w/ my MB & i2400 on 10.7.4, and then finally decided to buy 10.8.1 :-( Now I am stucked at the ACPI not found (using DSDT and any combination on MultiBeast 5.0.2 Anyone succeed to get it work properly? tnx!
  2. danijell

    GA H67M UD2H B3 + Ati 5670 Lion Clean Install - SUCCESS!

    Well, I have done it - clean Lion install from USB Bootable Lion About This Mac.png About This Mac - Displays.png BUILD: MBO: Gigabyte GA H67M UD2H B3 1.1 (F4) CPU: i5 2400 GPU: Asus EAH5670 512MD5 MEM: Corsair XMS3 2x4GB HDD: Samsung SpinPoint F3 500GB OPT: Sony Optiarc PSU: SeaSonic...
  3. danijell

    GA H67M UD2H + EAH5670 (512 D5) - success to 10.6.8

    Dear all, after several instances - I have a full working 10.6.8, and as I'm writing this, I'm happy looking @ App Store progress for Lion download :wave: 1. Regular iBoot (Legacy) and MultiBeast method - WITHOUT UPDATE 2. Restart 3. Start (well, from iBoot as I've had some issues :? ) 4...