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  1. otropatolucas

    Video card for CustoMac Mini 2011

    Hi, I've got a CustoMac Mini 2011 with: GA-H61N-USB3, HD3000, Thermaltake Q Element and BeQuiet 350w. I'm planning to buy a discrete video card (like a Geforce GT 630) but I think all the cards I see are too bigger for this small case. Someone who has the same Mobo and case can advice me about...
  2. otropatolucas

    Update customac mini to 10.7.5?

    Hi, Anyone know if I can update without problems to 10.7.5? It's a customac mini with MOBO GA-H61N-USB3, SSD CRUCIAL M4 128 GB, 2X4 GB KINGSTON DDR3, 500 GB HDD 2,5", i3 2125. thanks
  3. otropatolucas

    Be quiet sfx 350w

    Hi, I need a new power supply for my custo mac mini because the model with the Thermaltake Q Element is really noisy. I didn't found any good review about SFX form power supplies, only the be quiet sfx 350w and I've read that under 200 watts you can't hear the fan. My custo Mac mini is MOBO...