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  1. tom111

    macOS 11.4 RDNA 2

    I have the Radeon™ Vega 64 LC in slot 1 and the RX 6900 XT in slot 2. But the 6900 has no Signal (in Windows it is working). Do I get a picture, when I put it in slot 1?
  2. tom111

    AORUS Z390 MASTER no sound after Windows

    When booting to macOS from Windows, I have no sound. How can I wake up the audio chip? I have the AORUS Z390 MASTER with the ALC 1220 VB and an ESS SABRE 9118.
  3. tom111

    OpenCore csr-active-config problem

    How can I set the csr-active-config NVRAM variable? I have set the csr-active-config to FF070000 Type DATA in the config.plist, in order to deactivate System Integrety Protection. But when I check the NVRAM variables with Hackintool it still set to 00000000. When I set a test variable from the...
  4. tom111

    acountsd issues

    The Update was no problem. Clover and Kexts not updated. But I have the acountsd problem, already on macOS 10.15.6
  5. tom111

    Clover ALC Layout ID

    I have to select Headphones, instead of Line-Out, in the System Preferences, in order to get the Realtec ALC Output. Would could be the reason? I am using the default Clover ALC layout ID 1. But everything is working. It is only a cosmetical problem.
  6. tom111

    Solved > clear NVRAM with CLOVER

    I have problems deleting the NVRAM. I have issued sudo nvram -c and deleted the nvram.plist, but the Variables are always reappearing. What else can I do?