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  1. BabySeale

    Ultra Generic X79 - PCI Config Begin

    Yo, yo, yo tryin' to do the same thing. Can anyone help?
  2. BabySeale

    Graphics card and Premiere Pro

    Do you have CUDA enabled?
  3. BabySeale

    [Solved] Please help to buy hardware. I am confused. Read this please

    Use a 4k monitor, set the setting in game to 1080p
  4. BabySeale

    GPU Acceleration in Premiere: GTX 770 or HD 7950?

    I am building a hackintosh for my sister for video editing. She edits in Premiere Pro. As I am new to hackintoshes, as well as OS X, I was wondering which of these two cards was better for GPU acceleration: the two gb 770, or the three gb 7950. Will either even work? Please leave suggestions for...