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  1. hazemhazoom

    Fix iMesseges Problem With Core Storage Or Raid Drives

    Please add the support for iMessage and facetime when using software raid or Fusion drive I'm using FileNvram and it make nvram.uuid.plist file in my boot partitions but imessages and facetime is still not working all icloud features is working and appstore and itunes is working as well
  2. hazemhazoom

    7xxx without intel hd graphics

    when ever i boot the system with hd7xxx card installed chimera give me an error with some characters under the error that can't be understand I know this error because of the card rom and gpt hard drive but when chimera installed in mbr hard drive it works Please fix this bug and add...
  3. hazemhazoom

    Add the support for ati 7xxx

    Please add the support for ati 7xxx (graphicsenabler=yes) Apple has posted the beta 10.8.3 with the support for ati 7xxx kexts is avaliable for download in (fourms)