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  1. ersan

    [solved] sleep problem

    my battery has been damage 3 months ago... im just using ac adaptor/ when laptop goes to sleep no keyboard function and when it sleep about 30-40 mins then I try to wake it by clicking any button it just blink the screen and transition is not just smooth unlike El Capitan...
  2. ersan

    SOLVE: alc269vc can't get it to work

    I try applehda patcher , installing fully patched appleHDA provide by applehda patcher then patch dsdt with layout ID 3 and IRQ fix and I also try patches inside mirone folder...I try all alc269 in applehda patcher but nothing seems to work I use voodoohda for now but I really want my native...
  3. ersan

    blinking screen on my desktop

    i dont know what happen everytime i click in header area of safari or any folder inside it blinking black my desktop and my dock keep on relaunching at the same time and also i cannot minimize my app or any open folder...i attached files maybe needed.. this is the system log from console...
  4. ersan

    sleep problem (el capitan 10.11.3)

    when computer goes sleep it never been wake (after 5-10 mins from sleep) sometimes it reboot...i use tp-link 723 v3 (it is pkg file)in this link TP-LINK. i wonder if this is causing the problem...i attache files (dsdt/ssdt/config.plist/ioreg)
  5. ersan

    [solved] cant boot without usb installer (even clover efi installed on hd)

    anyone facing this problem?hope someone will help :-(
  6. ersan

    can't enable battery/brightness slider even i already patched :(

    as the title say :banghead: i attached ioreg file and patchmatic result.. I'm using clover forgot to edit my sig (sorry for that) by the way I'm on el capitan 10.11.3
  7. ersan

    anyway to fix imessage on chameleon?

    as the title says... kindly please help
  8. ersan

    PLS...Help to enable my AUDIO Realtek ALC269

    follow some guide but still not working :banghead: ​anyone got it work?pls.kindly help me
  9. ersan

    no brightness slider on system preferences

    how to fix this :-(
  10. ersan

    [ request ] dsdt for sony vaio e-series SVE14133CAW

    can anyone please make for me?because i dont know how to make one :banghead: my battery got messed , my usb port not working after sleep i attached screenshot from CPU-Z please take a look guys specially @Rehabman...