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  1. protechtedd

    [Guide] Intel-TongFang QC7 (aka MAG-15 / Fusion / Element / Vapor 15 Pro)

    Please do share! I will need any time-saving help I can use, as I work long hours in my job. TIA
  2. protechtedd

    [Guide] Intel-TongFang QC7 (aka MAG-15 / Fusion / Element / Vapor 15 Pro)

    Thanks for sharing!! I've been considering buying an Eluktronics MAX-17, which I believe should work similarly as the MAG-15 due to being the same CPU. Have you worked out any of the issues in your original post? I might be trying your guide within the next month, just curious if you had any...
  3. protechtedd

    External 4k 60hz support - Needing a Laptop

    Agreed Feartech. I am hoping to hear from someone who is currently using a specific make/model of a laptop that I can buy and get working with minimal time. In the past I've loved building many hackintoshes, but these days I have far less free time than I used to invest. I just need to know at...
  4. protechtedd

    External 4k 60hz support - Needing a Laptop

    Hi everyone! I've been a member of the forums for a long time now, and I'm getting ready for a new laptop upgrade. I've been searching around for this, but I cant seem to find much that guarantees what I'm looking for. Does anyone have a laptop that they can recommend that meets this mandatory...
  5. protechtedd

    Asus - UX430UA - Kaby Lake i7-7500U Intel HD Graphics 620

    I read through the entire thread and didn't see this mentioned. Is 4k 60hz supported? Most 4k hacktintoshes are only 30hz. 60hz or die, does anyone have experience or a report that this works? Does it work with the miniHDMI, or will it require USB 3 port with adapter to HDMI 2? @gulios ?
  6. protechtedd

    [Guide] HP ProBook/EliteBook/Zbook using Clover UEFI hotpatch (10.11)

    HP Probook 4530s Product: XU016UT #ABA Problems: Keyboard shortcuts, and Trackpad pref pane. Everything else seems to work, Audio, Sleep, Battery, etc. Keyboard types fine (typing this now) but the shortcuts for brightness, volume, etc do not work. Trackpad moves mouse, and two fingers does...
  7. protechtedd

    Multibeast 8.2.3 works in os Sierra

    Nice! Except, I don't see any Kext drivers for Broadcom BCM57781. EDIT: I think I got them working.
  8. protechtedd

    macOS Sierra Upgrade Available on September 20th

    Will we be able to update from Beta to Final version? Or install Final over Beta? Or will be be forced to wipe and install clean?
  9. protechtedd

    Apple Announces September 7th Press Event

    Oh my gawd, that macOS link, it's amazing how they made the scroll effect! *drool*
  10. protechtedd

    macOS Sierra Public Beta 6 is Now Available

    I realize no one knows exactly when we'll get the final release, but any guesses? September or October? I've updated all the betas so far, but I dont want to get attached to using it if I have to reinstall from the ground up in the final release...
  11. protechtedd

    Friendly reminder: Back up your data any way you can

    Best backup apps I've found for the Mac are these: [1] Carbon Copy Cloner - For OS, makes the BEST backup of the OS into a .dmg file, which can consistently be restored to a partition and BOOTABLE. Will never go without this. [2] Tri-Backup - For files, flexible backup tool with many options...
  12. protechtedd

    macOS Sierra Public Beta 3 is Now Available

    Is there a changelog that explains each beta version? I have Sierra successfully installed on another drive, been tinkering around but don't want to get too invested until the GM or final release, in case something changes or I have to reinstall.
  13. protechtedd

    macOS Sierra Public Beta is Now Available

    Oh man, it's getting closer and closer! I can't wait for the 10.12 GM release. I'm dying to upgrade from 10.10 and finally switch from Chameleon to Clover so I can fix updates, sleep, etc. Was always too busy to upgrade to 10.11, and my install is getting junky and slow. So HYPE :) Also, if...
  14. protechtedd

    Backup Solutions For Your Mac or CustoMac

    Wishing for a Nandroid-type backup solution I make regular CCC backups of my drive often, but still I (more than comfortably) run into issues that make my system unbootable, or I need to boot into another OSX for (diskwarrior, etc). I really wish that there was some type of Backup/Restore...
  15. protechtedd

    Security Update 2015-002

    PSA: ALWAYS make a backup of your currently installed OSX using a tool like CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner) to an image or another drive BEFORE installing any system updates. This will ensure you have the ability to restore to exactly as you had it before, incase something goes wrong.
  16. protechtedd

    Apple Lowers the Price of Apple TV to $69

    Nice to hear Apple is breathing some life into the Apple TV, but IMO it’s just a little too late. I sold my Apple TV 2 a couple years ago, and have since been using a quad-core Android box running Kodi media center. It does EVERYTHING you could hope and dream for, watching any media, streaming...
  17. protechtedd

    Post OS X Cinebench CPU and Graphics Benchmarks

    Post OS X Yosemite Cinebench CPU and Graphics Benchmarks Although the score is a bit lower than many in this thread, I built this in 2012 from parts in 2011 for under $500. It is super stable and I've upgraded it from 10.7 to 10.10 with no issues each year. This build will easily last me at...
  18. protechtedd

    best bluetooth module model for hackintosh?

    After posting on page 1 the link to all the BT receivers that work well with Apple wireless devices, I went to my local Best Buy to get a quick BT dongle so I could use my new trackpad today rather than wait for shipping online. I can confirm the Rocketfish (best buy inhouse brand I believe) BT...
  19. protechtedd

    best bluetooth module model for hackintosh?

    Here is a list of the tested BT dongles I recently bought a Magic Mouse for my hackintosh, once I received it I was getting dropouts every 5-10 minutes. Was confused why, thought it was the mouse. I shipped it back and got a Magic Trackpad, thinking what could go wrong with that? Well the same...
  20. protechtedd

    Guide for Installing Lion on the 4530s Version 3

    PS- For anyone talking about having issues with the Atheros 9285 wifi card, I found another thread recommending the "Atheros AR5B195", or as I googled it, part #: 593127-001 . As far as I can tell, they are different cards. Can anyone verify if this is correct? I'm still waiting for mine to...