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  1. Enigmactic

    14.2 vs 17,1 — NVidia

    I am deciding whether to go with 14.2 or 17,1. I had settled on 17,1, on the grounds that it reflected my hardware better, when I read, in jaymonkey’s post on iMessage, that your hardware choice should be a function of your video card. Is this a compromise, or does video card (NVidia — 14,2)...
  2. Enigmactic

    Checking Serial Number

    I just did a serial number check in the described way. When I tried it again a little while later, I got the error 403 Forbidden. Now, I am afraid to try it again (at least from the same machine), in case they are taking note of the number one enters.
  3. Enigmactic

    Software Problem — Freezing, since Disc Corruption

    Hi all! ______ Meta-Comments My machine is now working, but the root question of why the arbitrary freezing (without anything in the crash log) — including in the Sierra installer and in an installation complete but not set up (e.g. user account) (not to mention a re-installed El Capitan...
  4. Enigmactic

    Is it Safe to Reinstall the OS using the Setup USB?

    [I guess this is a stupid question, but I have just lost confidence in the whole picture and I can't think straight about it any more. Sorry. Also... I know this is not technically the right place for this question, but it seemed like a good fit.] Background My machine has fallen over...