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  1. sjoeze

    Samsung R780 - applehda patch (alc269)

    Hello, I've installed Yosemite on my R780. All is working, except there is a culprit with the sound. It is working (I've patched the original applehda.kext), except there is no auto sense for the jacks for headphones and line-in. After sleep, audio is lost. In attachment my edited kext...
  2. sjoeze

    Sleep only with AppleACPIPlatform.kext v1.3.6, Samsung R780

    Hi, I've updated my dsdt.aml with the battery patches from Rehabman. Battery is working (with both the original AppleACPIPlatform.kext (v2.0) and the patched one from voodoo battery). However, I can only get sleep working with the patched one. Laptop goes to sleep, but when pressing the...
  3. sjoeze

    Sony Vaio VPCEJ2L1E, no brightness, check my dsdt.aml

    Hallo, I've installed Mountain Lion on my Sony Vaio VPCEJ2L1E. Everything is working, except the brightness of my laptop screen. I have a dsdt.aml with a device pnlf inside, but still it isn't working Could somebody check my dsdt.aml?
  4. sjoeze

    Sony Vaio VPCEJ2L1E, help with install

    Hallo, I'm trying to install ML with Unibeast on a Sony Vaio VPCEJ2L1E. Inside the bios there is no option for AHCI or S3 or HPET. The specs for the laptop are: i3-2330m processor, Atheros 9285 wlan, Realtek gigabit ethernet, geforce 410m GPU. Should this configuration work? I already...
  5. sjoeze

    Samsung R780 - esata hdd doesn't show up in finder

    Hi, I've installed Mountain Lion on my Samsung R780, everything is working except I don't have my esata hdd mounted in Mountain Lion. It does show up in my Snow Leopard partition, so it isn't something with my hdd. I tried the 3rd party sata & esata options in Multibeast, but nothing...
  6. sjoeze

    lan marvell yukon 88e8059

    Hey, What's the status on the Marvell Yukon lan device? Is it working? And if so, what is the kext for it and how did you enable it? Thanks