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  1. levicius

    Mouse Lag/Jitter With Dual Monitors

    Same problem here. Did you find any fix?
  2. levicius

    10.9 on Lenovo Y510p

    1-Guys, any news on this laptop graphic card ? 2-Did anyone install Mavericks on it ? 3-If yes , how far did you guys , whats working and what isn't ? 4-What guide did you guys use ? Because I am reading many forums and the files and guides are a bit confusing when you pick a guide from a site...
  3. levicius

    "dead beef" problem? (Weird)

    My friend I need help , I am getting this error too. Where do you enter this messsage ? In the usb boot ? But what do you press after entering the message ? Need help .
  4. levicius

    [GUIDE] Gigabyte H61M-S2PV (rev 2.0 - FA)

    I wanted to know that too , anyone ?