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  1. ecoarena

    Gigabyte EX58-Extreme Memory Voltage Bios Sierra

    Hi! I know it's been over a year or so, but did you ever resolve the issue. I have had both issues (no shutdown and DRAM changing from 1.5 to 2.5 v) since I installed Sierra. I'm going to install High Sierra and see if this improves.
  2. ecoarena

    X58 and OS X El Capitan? (X58A-UD3r)

    Thanks GB. No, to be honest, that's the one thing I haven't touched. Still using the same DSDT from my original build. I've never been game to play with my DSDT file - I'll download a new copy, backup my old and see how I go - I see there are some good guides on it, so I'll give it ago. Thanks...
  3. ecoarena

    X58 and OS X El Capitan? (X58A-UD3r)

    I have just decided to install Sierra on an SSD in my machine. This one machine now runs Sierra, Snow Leopard (I still love), Mountain Lion and Windows 7 on separate drives....with a couple of extra drives for storage. Everything works fine, though I'm having no luck with shutdown on the...
  4. ecoarena

    [SUCCESS] macOS Sierra GA X58A-UD3R REV2.0-FB i7-950 RADEON HD6670

    Hi SplintX. I've done a similar build with my old system, but Radeon HD 5770. Works nicely, although I have dreaded shutdown problem (won't shutdown). Have tried all the usual approaches to dealing with shutdown. Does your machine shutdown ok? Well done. Eco
  5. ecoarena

    RAM running 1333 Mhz instead of 1600 Mhz

    Hi Hawaga. I'm sure you've worked this out by now, but VioletDragon meant for you to attach your config.plist file (in your EFI/Clover folder. (you have to first mount your EFI folder using EFI Mounter or Clover Configurator. :) Then, drag a copy of your config.plist file to your desktop and...
  6. ecoarena

    Recording Studio Hackintosh Can I take working files from my iMac?

    Update: have just completed a quick Sierra build (in the same machine) and found that if I switch the Ensemble ON during the boot process, it is recognised and I now have keyboard control of the Ensemble! I will try a few kexts to see if I can solve this. However, for now, this is cool...
  7. ecoarena

    Apogee Ensemble won't connect with Hackintosh

    Hey Wallace22! Gosh, it's been a while since I've been online, but I've been using my Ensemble still.....with Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion without any major issues since 2011......and I've now got it working with Sierra......without additional kexts (though there's a catch that I'm trying to...
  8. ecoarena

    Does Carbon Copy Cloner Really Make a "Bootable" Hackintosh HD?

    :) Hi folks. It's been years since I have X58a build has worked flawlessly since it was built (Xmas 2010). All, I have really done is increase hard drive capacity. My machine now has 8 drives (but 2 are 'partitioned' drives) (including 1 SSD....purely for experimental purposes)...
  9. ecoarena

    Recording Studio Hackintosh Can I take working files from my iMac?

    I agree. I am running both Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard with an Apogee ensemble. With Snow Leopard (my primary system) everything runs flawlessly including keyboard control of ensemble volume. However, this is not the case with Mountain Lion. I use the Maestro interface (or the old fashioned...
  10. ecoarena

    Success - GA-X58A-UD3R

    Hi folks, Gosh, it's been a long time since I posted, but this is for 2 main reasons - 1) I've been busy, shockingly so and 2) I've not had a reason to search for help. This second reason leads me to therefore post an update and again, thank the tonymacx86 community. I built my machine...
  11. ecoarena

    [Guide] GA-X58A-UD3R (2.0) BIOS FH - i7 930 - Apple OEM HD5770

    :)'s been a while since I posted here. My machine is slightly different, but not too much (it's been running wonderfully for more than 3 years now). Have a look here, esp. for advice on FakeSMC:
  12. ecoarena

    GA-X58A-UD3R (2.0) with Working USB 3.0 on ML 10.8.2

    Thanks again. I'll give it one more go and see if I've missed something......weird really because I've formatted several drives in exactly the same way without a hiccup. One more go... Incidentally, thanks for the driver......if I'm not mistaken, it was the one that I'd posted many moons...
  13. ecoarena

    GA-X58A-UD3R (2.0) with Working USB 3.0 on ML 10.8.2

    Thanks John, No, I'm sure it's not the BIOS. My machine as we speak, several drives including Win7, SLeopard, Lion and Mountain Lion. This computer has been stable for 2.5 years was the iLok and Pro Tools upgrade that did something 'naughty!'. I've got this down pat now and it...
  14. ecoarena

    GA-X58A-UD3R (2.0) with Working USB 3.0 on ML 10.8.2

    Hmm? I've all but given up. I just cannot get pro tools 10 launching wirelessly using the same USB adapter as you. I may give it one more go from scratch. Which method did you use and did you delete any kexts? I hope you don't mind too many questions! I'm going to whip out my bass and play a...
  15. ecoarena

    Hackintosh and Pro Tools

    Thanks BoomR, Shall investigate this a little further. Yes, when I'm 'wired' (via ethernet) all is good, but as soon as I invoke wireless, I'm stuffed. I'll keep plugging always, thanks for taking the time to respond. Regards Eco
  16. ecoarena

    Hackintosh and Pro Tools

    Hi Boom R, I'm a little stumped here. Finally found that I cannot launch Pro Tools 10 or 11 UNLESS I have my ethernet cable attached and recognised in my network. This NEVER happened when I ran PT on LION, but has been a problem with my set up since Mountain Lion (which runs everything else...
  17. ecoarena

    GA-X58A-UD3R (2.0) with Working USB 3.0 on ML 10.8.2

    Thanks. Is your connection wireless? or using ethernet. I have just discovered that if I do everything from scratch, using ethernet, I'm 'in like Flynn!'.....all great. I also found that on my Macbook Pro, WIRELESSLY, everything works as it should. So, I'd love to know if you're...
  18. ecoarena

    iLok recognized, but not working

    Update: Trying the whole process using ethernet plugged in! This is what I've just found. Firstly, running my iLok and Pro Tools on my Macbook Pro WORKS PERFECTLY! Everything is as it should be (that's with Pro Tools 10...I haven't installed 11 on this machine). Reading other...
  19. ecoarena

    GA-X58A-UD3R (2.0) with Working USB 3.0 on ML 10.8.2

    I've still no luck getting Pro Tools running again. I have no idea what's happened? Both PT 11 and 10 worked together fine...for a short while.....many folk are having the same issue. Since you've got the same build, I was wondering if you could let me know some settings. Eg. Do you have...
  20. ecoarena

    GA-X58A-UD3R (2.0) with Working USB 3.0 on ML 10.8.2

    Hi there, I'm having a nightmare with trying to get Pro Tools up and running since I updated it. Now, I can't run either PT 11 or 10!!!! I have spent days trying to figure this out. My machine sees the iLok (via the System profile) but I have a feeling that Pro Tools doesn't see it. Do you...