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  1. gfm6

    Yosemite upgrade from Mountain lion

    I created a boot usb drive without ever deleting any files that were suggested and yet I also get the "can't find Mach Kernel" error. Even when it tries to boot it will freeze shortly and there's just a black screen. Adding various boot options doesn't help at all. Looks like it's another...
  2. gfm6

    10.10 SUCCESS GA-P55-USB3 (multibeast settings)

    You're doing better than I am with this m/b and setup. Only diff is I'm using a GT-240 video card. I can't get it to boot with the unibeast usb drive. Even with -x, graphics enabler and other mods. It starts out but screen goes black after a short time and freezes. Right now when I try to...
  3. gfm6

    Gigabyte boards becoming outdated over time

    I'm still using a couple of Gigabyte m/b that are built around the P55 system. Seems like they are getting slower and less responsive as the OSX operating systems keep advancing. Is there a time to move on to newer and "better" features as newer models come out. The same question would...
  4. gfm6

    UniBeast 3.0.1 and Mavericks Installation Failed...

    I've about decided that making a usb installer for Mavericks with Unibeast 301 is a gone case. Doesn't even take 10 seconds to give a "failed" message. Even tried different usb sticks. Don't really feel like troubleshooting all the esoteric hidden possibilities. Either works or it doesn't.
  5. gfm6

    Installation Troubleshooting Tips & General Recommendations

    Add a soundcard..... Adding a soundcard.... hadn't thought of that. I have 3 Gigabyte based machines and have only one with working audio since Lion. Have an 892, 888n and 889. It took forever to get one audion working and don't even know what did it. So what would be a good brand...
  6. gfm6

    multibeast not identifying the correct audio format

    Thanks. This seems to reference versions 10.7.2, 10.7.3, 10.7.4 and not mention 10.7.0 which I have on this one. (Have upgraded on another, but didn't solve anything) So, will this work with 10.7.0 ?
  7. gfm6

    multibeast not identifying the correct audio format

    Problems on all computers (gigabyte mb's) with Lion. Not ever before. Multibeast (461) can't seem to decide on the right audio id to install. On one mb have had three different ones installed and none are right. However, in one case it installed the 887 for an 888b but seems like they would be...
  8. gfm6

    USBMSC + waiting for root device error, Dell Studio XPS 8000

    I finally just cannabalized the 8000 for the parts; a good i7 processor, Nvidia video card, ddr3 memory, DVD unit, and hard disks. The case is useless since it takes an M motherboard size which isn't what's needed for a replacement. It had the Intel DP55M board.
  9. gfm6

    No ALC892 Sound-How to re-run MultiBeast

    There's got to be something lacking in the audio Realtek kexts for Lion. I have machines with 888 and 892. One finally works, the other is yet to make a sound. These are both friendly Gigabyte boards. Never had a problem with Snow Leopard.
  10. gfm6

    GeForce brands and models....

    Is it correct to assume that as long as it contains the Nvidia chip that any brand of GeForce video card will suffice. Also would assume that any of the later types (like GT520, GT430) would use the kexts provided for a build. Thanks
  11. gfm6

    Possible audio kext problems on 4.5?

    So that's why my audio is still not working in 10.7 with multibeast 4.5.2. At this point is there any way to get a copy of the multibeast 4. version?
  12. gfm6

    Computer can't be "verified" by Apple.....

    Yep, that sounds like what's happening here. Can fix that. Thanks
  13. gfm6

    Computer can't be "verified" by Apple.....

    What is the difference between the org.chamelion.boot.plis and the symbios.plist which is also in the same folder. The serial number shown on About This Mac is for a real mac pro built in 2008 with an Xenon processor and specs different from mine. Maybe this is why Apple is rejecting this...
  14. gfm6

    Computer can't be "verified" by Apple.....

    No, that file was not included in the .plist. Is there any place or format that needs to be followed in adding this? Thanks for the help.
  15. gfm6

    Computer can't be "verified" by Apple.....

    Nothing works. Apple is checking the serial number of my system and rejecting it as unknown to them. Don't know how other non-mac hardware gets past this point but looks like I never will.
  16. gfm6

    Computer can't be "verified" by Apple.....

    Thanks for the advice. However, I can't get permission to save the edited no matter what I do. I've changed "sharing and permissions" in Get Info but that doesn't help. Is there another way to change permissions in SystemConfiguration?
  17. gfm6

    Computer can't be "verified" by Apple.....

    When tying to buy the Lion OS from Apple, get the message "Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance". Happens every time. For some reason they reject this machine. Never happened with other versions, just Lion.
  18. gfm6

    Adding firewire to the gigabyte ga-p55-usb3 motherboard

    The gigabyte ga-p55-usb3 motherboard eliminates firewire ports. It may be a dated technology compared to usb3, but there are times when it's needed. Is there a way to add this feature to that board? Have tried adding an older pci firewire card, but it causes a major error with Snow Leopard...
  19. gfm6

    Can't enable AHCI in motherboard to install.

    The Dell Studio 8000 xps models that have been successful have had the Asus motherboards. The ones with the intel motherboards are a bust it seems. I have an Intel dP55M01 which has pitiful bios options. Including no way to choose AHCI. However there is a bios update which more than likely...
  20. gfm6

    Installing with iBoot/MultiBeast on ASUS P7P55D-E

    "....Go into your BIOS and ensure you have AHCI enabled on all your drive controllers...." Problem self-solved.