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  1. nagha

    Unable to get Intel i219-v Ethernet working (Asus z490 TUF Gaming Plus)

    Hi, For some strange reason, this ethernet port does not work on the Mac (tried in Catalina and Big Sur). It shows up fine under Windows 10. It's not disabled in BIOS. I have used IntelMausiEthernet as well as IntelMausi w/o success. Kextstat shows that the driver is indeed loading. Specs...
  2. nagha

    GA-z170m-d3h Problems with Wake from Sleep/Shutdown

    Hello - I'm at my wit's end so any help is appreciated. Since installing 10.13 + Supplement, I've had innumerable problems with sleep/wake and shutdown. I've enclosed my config.plist (minus serial #s etc). I'd appreciate any help. System works until it sleeps. Basically, I get a black screen...
  3. nagha

    Anyone successfully installed HS on GA-Z170M-D3H?

    Hello - I'm kicking myself for ruining my perfectly functioning Hackintosh. But I'm stuck I think my config.plist is ruined. I was wondering if anyone has had success? Thanks!
  4. nagha

    iTunes Video Streaming?

    Thanks to the other threads, I've been able to make this work (mostly). I'm able to download movies in iTunes and watch them without problems. However, I can't stream them. It would be very nice if I could stream TV shows/etc. My config (configured as iMac 17,1) Skylake i7-6700K GA-Z170m-d3h...
  5. nagha

    Problems with Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 & Skylake Build (GA-Z170M-D3H)

    Hello - I've tried everything, looked at so many different threads (including the troubleshooting the Nvidia thread) and for some reason, I can't get the N950 card to work properly. I boot up without problems. The Apple BT4/Wifi card works (as does iCloud, iMessage, Handoff). The computer...
  6. nagha

    Wake on Demand? Is it possible?

    Greetings, I got my first Hackintosh working now. Core i7 3770K/GB Z77-UD5H/Nvidia GT640. I don't have any problems that I've noticed except for USB dismount upon sleep. However, I do have a serious limitation: I need wake on demand so that the computer can be accessed via AppleTV/Back to my...
  7. nagha

    NEWBIE NEEDS HELP! Core i7 3770K + GB Z77-UD5H + Nvidia GT640

    Greetings, Thanks to the excellent information here, I was able to compile a list of items and with some online videos, able to assemble the computer. I was nervous about starting it up but it worked like a charm. I upgraded to F8 BIOS and made the mods below. Set all Harddrives to AHCI...
  8. nagha

    Advice on Proposed First Hackintosh Build

    Apple abandoned my Mac Pro 1,1. Have always had a low end Power Mac -> Mac Pro, can't have it any other way. Need it for typical Dad uses (lots of kid pix and movies, etc) and usual household/home office stuff. Wife is reluctant as she likes reliability of OS updates/etc. But she is agreeable so...