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  1. mully

    Waiting for remote debugger

    Trying to load Mavericks on a Lenovo T410 and get a waiting for remote debugger error, what would be my next step?
  2. mully

    High Sierra boot stalls at the very end

    I am running Mavericks and am trying to get High Sierra to boot on another HD 1T SSD. I have tried several times with the same result on different thumb drives a 16meg and a 32meg. The unibeast made the scan disks with no problems. I do not know why I have this problem...any thoughts would be...
  3. mully

    Mohave from Apple incomplete

    Mohave from Apple, UniBeast says incomplete. I tried downloading 3 ties all the same incomplete message every time, the download is 22+ megs. Have I missed something?
  4. mully

    Graphic card replacement

    After installing High Sierra and a MultiBeast injection of Nividia drivers all I get after Clover boot is a black screen. I want to replace my Nivida 630 graphics card that will be compatible without having to play with the driver issue. Would like to spend 200-300 for the card, any ideas
  5. mully

    Solved > HS won't boot

    I have been trying to get High Sierra to boot on to the Mavericks running system. I have created the boot disk according to the information that has been posted with no problem. My issue is when I try to boot from the memory stick in always just boots into Mavericks and I cannot get to my my...
  6. mully

    [Solved] Stuck startup sometimes.

    Running Mavericks and sometimes I get the gray Apple screen and whirling icon and it takes about 40 min to load. The only happens maybe ever 4th startup. Is there a string I could use in Terminal that would set this back on track??
  7. mully

    Stuck with boot1:error

    I was doing a migration from my desktop running Mt Lion Gig Z77X-UP5TH board to a macbook. I decided to cancel the migration and went back to working on the desktop. Shut it down and the next day it would not boot. I get the following message: boot 0: GPT boot 0: test boot 0: test boot 0...
  8. mully

    Success but...

    The build: CPU ... i7-3770K MB .... GA_Z&&X_U5_TH bios 11 Graphics Card .... GigaByte GEFORCE GTX 660 PUS ... Corsair TX650M Unibeast loaded to a Samsung SSD 840 formatted one partition GUID journaled. Most everything works and I can connect to the internet, added a HP printer, migrated my...