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  1. shawnr06

    R7 260X and Mojave installation

    Hi everyone. First i'll start with my build: -Gigabyte Z390M Gaming -2X 16go Corsair Vengeance -R7 260X -500 GO SSD -I7 9700K Here is my problem, when I'm one done setting up my bios my computer restarts and then no images at all. Is there anyone here who have encountered this issue?
  2. shawnr06

    Stuck at the Apple logo

    Hi everyone. Here is my problem. I've tried for about 6 months to build a hackintosh and every time I make a usb key no matter version of the os I use, it fails. One time it gets stuck at the logo and the progression bar not moving or another time it goes all the way till the end of the...