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  1. MusicMan

    Random reboots, Vega 64

    When I first built my hack, it worked great. A few months ago I had occasional crashes, but only when doing CG/rendering, where my Sapphire Vega 64 fan would spin to 100% for 10-20 seconds while my computer auto-rebooted. Last week I upgraded to Catalina and now it's crashing every hour or two...
  2. MusicMan

    Solved > Upgrading from Mojave to Catalina — stuck at Apple Logo (no progress bar)

    Clover 5095, updated kexts via Clover Configurator. Run Catalina installer, reboot, select Install macOS from System and get an immediate freeze. What does this all mean? :beachball: Really appreciate any help.
  3. MusicMan

    Mojave 10.14.6, Vega 64 crashes when rendering in After Effects

    Hi, I'm on Mojave 10.14.6 using a Sapphire Vega 64. Everything has been working great since I built it 6 months ago, but recently I started rendering GPU-optimized effects in After Effects, which sometimes causes crashes — my computer display turns off and it seems the computer freezes as well...
  4. MusicMan

    Display Sleep, must unplug/replug HDMI

    Just setup a new hackintosh that is running great! Except for this one thing.... When I came to my computer this morning, it had initiated Display Sleep but I couldn't wake it up, even though the computer was running fine otherwise. (Software was responsive, I could hear sound effects and...
  5. MusicMan

    Moving Wifi Card Away from Computer?

    Hi, I have a BCM94360CD Wifi Adapter (PCIe) that is only getting 100MB/s on a 400MB/s connection. My iPhone 11 gets 150MB/s when sitting right next to it, and 450MB/s on the other side of the room (14 feet away..). So I need to move my Wifi Adapter Card to the 450MB/s spot. Is there a way I...
  6. MusicMan

    Sleep not working properly

    My computer is set to sleep after 15mins (Energy Saver prefs), but it's not doing it correctly. It turns off the graphics card and maybe some other stuff (I have to press a key to wake up the computer) but it's still using 100W when on "sleep" when it should be 5-10W. So I think it's some weird...
  7. MusicMan

    Solved > Updated Clover, now neither my boot drive or backup are recognized at startup!

    I'm on 10.12. I updated Clover because I'm about to move to Mojave, now neither my boot drive or backup are recognized at the Clover screen on startup! Literally can't boot. Can anyone help? :| Solved: boot drive order got messed up in UEFI.. just had to set it back to normal.
  8. MusicMan

    Upgrading from 10.12 Sierra to 10.14 Mojave

    Is this advisable? I want to upgrade so that my new NVMe drive works natively and I can use it as my system drive. My current system (EVO 850) is running at a slow 220MB/s write speed and Samsung wants me to send it in before sending me a replacement (never using Samsung again, WD has superior...
  9. MusicMan

    U.2 SSD (PCIe) showing up in BIOS, but not macOS

    Hey guys. Thanks in advance for your help. Just installed a U.2 SSD drive with a PCIe card and Sierra isn't recognizing it, either in disk utility or Disk Sensei. Do I have to do anything special for this to work? I was just using the PCI slot for another card, so I know that isn't the issue...
  10. MusicMan

    Solved > Help! Hack takes 30 seconds to "wake up"

    My hack has been pretty good for the last 5 years, but now when I step away for a few minutes, it's been taking a very long time to "wake up" and kick back into gear. Even if my computer isn't asleep, it'll be completely unresponsive (except for mouse movement) for 15-30 seconds, and then it'll...
  11. MusicMan

    [Solved] kernel_task writing 1TB per day

    My system uptime is 7 days, and it's written about 7TB. This can't be normal. Not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that I enabled trim recently (using Disk Sensai) and had a Mushkin drive die immediately, and another one is failing some dignostic checks in Disk Sensai. My drives...
  12. MusicMan

    [solved] No Ethernet Port (Clover with Multibeast)

    I've been trying to get my App Store to work. I cannot get ethernet to show up at all. It was working on my last build (Yosemite, Chameleon) but not on my new update (Sierra, Clover). I've tried NullEthernet and IntelMausiEthernet. I've also tried several times to remove all devices in Network...
  13. MusicMan

    [Solved] Kernel Trap after installing Clover Sierra over previous Chimera Yosemite

    Following TonyMac's Clover Basics and Switching Advice, I wanted to install Clover Sierra over my existing install (Chimera Yosemite, working well). The USB install went well, but afterward when booting via USB and then choosing my OS drive, I get this Kernel Trap error followed by a reboot...
  14. MusicMan

    [SOLVED] Freezing at iBoot-Chameleon screen pre-install

    Thanks in advance for any help! So I run iBoot Supported (tried nVidia version as well) and the first screen comes up (OS/partition selection screen), and then it freezes. I cannot use the arrow keys to move between iBoot and my old, soon-to-be-erased partition. And when I insert my OS X Retail...