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  1. narayan

    HDMI INTEL HD530 output (Opencore 0.6.6)

    Hello, mates I'm trying to get HDMI vídeo but is being impossible. I put the Nvidia out . In windows all the outputs work with Intel HD530 (HDMI, Thunderbolt 3, VGA). Thank you!
  2. narayan

    HP ZBook 15 G3 i7-6700HQ (Opencore 0.6.7)

    Hello, I was working on this beast but I'm at dead end. What is working: - Intel Wifi - Intel bluetooth - Backlight - Audio (without MUTE) - Discrete graphics Card - NVMe - Power management - Battery status - Trackpad (basic gesture only) (Synaptics [Windows]) - USB 2.0, 3.0, USB C (I can't...
  3. narayan

    DSDT bat patch working perfectly. SSDT impossible!

    I'm having problems with battery hotpatch. I got the static patch in DSDT perfectly. At start, the laptop shows 3 or 4 problems with method BTST. I thought that would be a rename problem but the renames are OK (following the ) These are my problem files. Thank you so much.
  4. narayan

    DELL M6800 Intel and NVIDIA K3100M issue

    Hello, mates I have a Dell M6800 with a NVIDIA K3100M 4GB (dedicated) and an Intel 4600HD 1.5GB (Integrated) working really well. Nvidia manages the digital outputs HDMI and Displayport and the Intel manages the internal display. The problem is that in system report/Graphics I can see my...
  5. narayan

    Problems with Nvidia Quadro K2200M

    Hello, I have a Dell Precision M6800 with two graphics card: - Intel HD 4600 - Nvidia K2200M With other models of Nvidia cards I had no problems. Osx detect perfectly, for example with a K3100M. But with this model, Osx High Sierra detect it as "Display" and I can't use my DisplayPort or HDMI...
  6. narayan

    Dell M4800 with AMD Firepro M5100

    Hi guys I’m having problems to boot up my system with High Sierra. I could install complete but when I boot from my osx disk in clover I have problems with the AMD. What I did to get the install: - In BIOS: - Legacy boot diabled - SATA to ahci - Integrated graphics turn off -...
  7. narayan

    After update to 10.13.6 2019-002 no sound

    Hi mates. Finally I could to update to 2019-002. Thanks to @Feartech But now I have no sound. :crazy: Thanks in advance.
  8. narayan

    Solved > Security update 10.13.6 stop on reboot

    Hi, mates I'm trying to update High Sierra to the last version 10.13.6 but It's impossible. I verbose mode the laptop shows "kext stall[0], (240s): AppleACPICPU" (pic attached) Thanks in advance.
  9. narayan

    Airdrop only receive files.

    Hi mates I have a AzureWave Broadcom BCM94352HMB. Hackintool v.2.2.1 shows like BCM4352. Wifi and bluetooth is working perfectly but airdrop only receive from my iphone xs. I can't see nobody in the airdrop window. Thanks in advance!
  10. narayan

    Brightness keys and save brightness value bar after restart

    Hello mates Console doesn't show Qmethods for patch them. And I can't save my bar values after restart. Anybody help?? Thanks in advance!
  11. narayan

    Bluetooth fail after restart.

    Hello, I have my t430 almost done but the bluetooth. It's working correctly until a restart. Then looks like the magic mouse and the keyboard are connected but they aren't. Thanks in advance!!
  12. narayan

    HP Elitebook 8560w Amd Firepro M5950

    Hello I'm trying to hack my 8560w but seems impossible. I can't to install. Stuck on apple logo. I boot in verbose mode and this is my last line. Here is the EFI folder in the bootable USB. I want to install high sierra. Thanks mates!
  13. narayan

    M4800 HIGH SIERRA working at 80%

    Hello mates I'm on my own struggle with my M4800. Working: - Wifi broadcom - Battery status - Nvidia Quadro K1100M (Internal & External DP/HDMI) (Disabled switchable graphics in BIOS) - Audio (internal & headphones) - USB 2.0 (ALL PORTS) || USB 3.0 (1 on the right) (Why this happens if...
  14. narayan

    Battery status problem dell m4800

    Hello, I'm using ACPIBatterymanager.kext (last version) and I'm trying to patch DSDT but all the fields have got 8 bits. Problem: Battery status show always as charging with AC and without it. Thanks!
  15. narayan

    [solved] DSDT compiling without anything give me back these errors

    Hello, I don't know how works with this. I can't do nothing until found a solution with this. Thanks for all! - High Sierra inside Dell Precision M4800
  16. narayan

    High Sierra doesn't initialize a second HDD drive in a caddy

    Hello everyone I just almost finished my Thinkpad t430 with high Sierra. The laptop works really good but the battery percentage in the upside bar that appears when it wants and the second 1TB HDD drive in a caddy. - I tried patch ICH10R and nothing. - Format with diskutil and nothing...