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  1. mully

    MacOS: Light Mode or Dark Mode?

    Having used Mac since finder 1.1 black is refreshing
  2. mully

    Waiting for remote debugger

    Trying to load Mavericks on a Lenovo T410 and get a waiting for remote debugger error, what would be my next step?
  3. mully

    Update from Maverick?

    I got HS working but not from TonyMac and also got Mojave working. Watch what bootloader you chose as some have problems like clover 4630. It is a very frustrating process at best. About 6 years ago I loaded Mavericks from Tony and no problems for 6 years, but not this time as I can not get...
  4. mully

    High Sierra boot stalls at the very end

    Started over today with High Sierra and ran into the same problem, stall at end. Downloaded HS from the mac store, did the install quit installer app and did Toro86 terminal patch. Unibeast 8.3.2 compiled on a 16 gig scan disk. Booted with clover 4522 but I am thinking the problem might be...
  5. mully

    Update from Maverick?

    You should be able to. I have been trying to get HS to clean install but I have ran into problems with the boot loader hanging. Install in verbose mode so you can take a picture of the screen if something goes wrong.
  6. mully

    High Sierra boot stalls at the very end

    After installing OS on the scan disk with UniBeast 9.1 when it finishes the EFI folder is in the desktop and clover Kexts other has a series of empty folders 10.7,10.9 etc. I have tried leaving the folder there and putting it in the install disk. FakeSMC.kext does appear in my Mavericks HD. One...
  7. mully

    High Sierra boot stalls at the very end

    Yes and I tried several cards both High Sierra and Mojave The boot screen will go blacl with apple logo and the progress bar but at the end it just hangs.
  8. mully

    High Sierra boot stalls at the very end

    Did not work, just grey screen and whirling icon
  9. mully

    Update from Maverick?

    Use unibeast for Mavericks to change the Mac definition. only select the definition you want imac 27-inch, Late 2012 works fine. You will need to restart after.
  10. mully

    High Sierra boot stalls at the very end

    I am running Mavericks and am trying to get High Sierra to boot on another HD 1T SSD. I have tried several times with the same result on different thumb drives a 16meg and a 32meg. The unibeast made the scan disks with no problems. I do not know why I have this problem...any thoughts would be...
  11. mully

    Fix/solution for "Selected Mac OS X Installer is incomplete"

    Great but what is the “stub installer” and where to get it
  12. mully

    Mohave from Apple incomplete

    Mohave from Apple, UniBeast says incomplete. I tried downloading 3 ties all the same incomplete message every time, the download is 22+ megs. Have I missed something?
  13. mully

    nvidia-update - Simple way to install nVidia web drivers

    Four days ago I finally got HighSiera to boot, after a day it all went dark. I can load uptown Clover select the boot disk then into darkness. How do I fix this??
  14. mully

    Graphic card replacement

    After installing High Sierra and a MultiBeast injection of Nividia drivers all I get after Clover boot is a black screen. I want to replace my Nivida 630 graphics card that will be compatible without having to play with the driver issue. Would like to spend 200-300 for the card, any ideas
  15. mully

    Solved > HS won't boot

    SOLVED... seems older Clover was the problem. Got High Sierra to boot but sound and Ethernet not working
  16. mully

    Solved > HS won't boot

    I have been trying to get High Sierra to boot on to the Mavericks running system. I have created the boot disk according to the information that has been posted with no problem. My issue is when I try to boot from the memory stick in always just boots into Mavericks and I cannot get to my my...
  17. mully

    High Sierra AppleHDA Audio

    Apple ALC and Luli.. Worked for me restoring Mavericks, happy now because I produce music on my Mac
  18. mully

    OS X Yosemite

    I think it is because I was not using an external HD before ...Just a large internal so I did not see the error message before.
  19. mully

    OS X Yosemite

    This is the message I get now on 10.9.4 when I back-up to an external HD and my guess is Apple will use kernel extensions to keep non licensed macs from functioning I am not going to chance Yosemite for awhile.