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  1. Finndamage

    Mooner's HackPro (Gigabyte Z68MX-UD2H-B3 in Mac Pro case)

    Thanks a lot again Neil!
  2. Finndamage

    Mooner's HackPro (Gigabyte Z68MX-UD2H-B3 in Mac Pro case)

    Thank you Neilhart. This clears a lot. I also suspected that power was missing from those, so it must be handled otherwise.
  3. Finndamage

    neilhart's Slow Roll G5 Power Mac - System on Slides

    Speechless indeed! Looking forward the additional photos. (By the way.. Neilhart, would you please check Mooner's Hack Pro thread. I posted a question about your systems there. Thanks! I would have sent you a private message but apparently I haven't posted here enough to be able to do so.)
  4. Finndamage

    New Mac Pro Build as stock as possible

    The easiest way must be the Laser Hive front panel kit. It's not exactly the same as the original but adds USB3 functionality and everything in one kit.
  5. Finndamage

    Mooner's HackPro (Gigabyte Z68MX-UD2H-B3 in Mac Pro case)

    Hi Mooner, Neilhart I'm really impressed by your Mac Pro hacks. After building a G5 Hackintosh myself I now got a new project case from a 1,1 Mac Pro. Currently I'm gathering all the stuff and have a (dumb) question about this MiniSAS-Sata cable of yours. I naturally want to preserve the...
  6. Finndamage

    Haximus Pro - The Story

    This is one of the very sweetest Mac Pros I've ever seen! I'm currently looking for a Mac Pro case for my next project. My G5 Hackintosh was finished already five months ago and I need a new project. Several questions from here almost on the way. :)
  7. Finndamage

    Mac Gi5 Carbon concept build

    Can't wait to see more.
  8. Finndamage

    Linked: An amazing G5 mod

    Found this link from the Laser Hive blog. This French guy has already done a G4 Cube mod which is equally amazing. Among the other great details this guy has put a slot type optical drive and a new front panel in his G5 and integrated them as if they were original. And on top of everything he...
  9. Finndamage

    Made With Love G5

    Very nice build! Thanks for the mention too. :)
  10. Finndamage

    Mörkö's Second PowerMac G5

    Hi Mörkö, Any chance of seeing some more photos how does it look like inside/under the original heat sink? Did you also mod your PSU to fit inside the original PSU case in the bottom?
  11. Finndamage

    Doesn't Matter If Your Black Or White (TUF-LOVE Finally)

    How did you mount the fans in the front? I really like this one a lot.
  12. Finndamage

    Mörkö's Second PowerMac G5

    Will be watching this project closely. Keep posting those photos as much as you can. Terveisiä Tampereelta. ;)
  13. Finndamage

    Doesn't Matter If Your Black Or White (TUF-LOVE Finally)

    Indeed a very beautiful machine! I'd love to see some more detailed photos of the interior. :)
  14. Finndamage

    Lenk's Mac G5 Mod Haswell ATX: GA-Z87X-UD3H, Intel i7-4770K, GTX 570

    Very neat looking build. Packed but clean. Like it a lot.
  15. Finndamage

    [Project]: Big Bro' Prodigy (Extreme BitFenix Prodigy mod)

    Your wife/girlfriend must really love you. There's no way in hell my wife would ever let me do any metal works in our kitchen. :D I really can't describe how impressed I am by this project of yours. It's insanely cool. Your photos and explanations are also top-notch.
  16. Finndamage

    Building a CustoMac: Buyer's Guide October 2013

    Article: Building a CustoMac: Buyer's Guide October 2013 I ordered mine from Amazon. Took a week to arrive in Finland.
  17. Finndamage

    Finndamage's G5 Bad Apple

    Thanks gents! I really appreciate it from you guys. Thanks for the optimistic suggestions for the next project but I think the G4 iMac and G4 Cube are still way too hard for me. :) Maybe at some point though. I still have a neat G4 Quicksilver case in my garage. That might be more suitable for...
  18. Finndamage

    Finndamage's G5 Bad Apple

    My first G5 Hackintosh: Bad Apple - "Clean, simple and empty inside" Background and goal: A fully functional Hackintosh to be used in photo editing, other daily use and maybe also gaming. Until now I have used a 2009 MBP for everything. For couch surfing as it is and with a Henge Docks dock...