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  1. Dallastyle

    Need help getting Intel Hd Graphics to work with FakeCpuId

    Hi tonymac86, I'm using a Dell All in one Inspiron 5348. It has a Pentium dual core G3240 Haswell clocked at 3.07 ghz in Mac. I've successfully booted and installed Mac Os X el capitan on an external hdd using a fake cpuid (0x0306E0) its ivybride. But my problem is the drivers. The only thing I...
  2. Dallastyle

    g3240 intel pentium 3.10 ghz intel hd support.

    I understand that the intel pentium hd graphics are not supported by mac. But last time it worked for me when I created a fakecpuid and stuff. Now I want to dual boot mac with my windows 10. Any way I can do that while keeping windows and using a fakecpuid?
  3. Dallastyle

    I need help creating and booting MAC OS X USB

    I have dell inspiron 5348 here's the motherboard: XHYJF Dell Inspiron 23 5348 AIO Motherboard s115X And I want to create a boot usb. But I have Pentium cpu and everyone tells me I can't do it. I saw a tut and it was so confusing by creating a fake id and everything. Could you guys help me out? I...