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  1. Going Bald

    [Solved] Mojave Wants to Install Mac Pro Firmware

    So how did everyone get past this with the installer? Obviously, the directions to shutdown and hold the power button until light flashes and a long tone sounds will not work on PC hardware.
  2. Going Bald

    X58A-UD7+i7-920 and Mojave

    EDIT: Now up and running. Problem was with installer wanting to do a firmware upgrade before installing. Stork suggested changing system definition to iMac 14,2 and installing with that and then changing it back to Mac Pro 5,1 (thanks, Stork). Did that and upgrade from High Sierra to Mojave went...
  3. Going Bald

    Photoshop Elements 4.0

    A friend was given Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 and wants to know if it will work with Sierra or High Sierra to use on her new PC-Mac. Neither of us has had any luck googling for the answer to this question. Anyone using Photoshop Elements 4.0 on Sierra or High Sierra?
  4. Going Bald

    High Sierra on Asrock X99M Killer with Gigabyte Rx580 Aorus

    I finally got some time to replace the GTX980 in my X99 build with the Gigabyte Rx580 Aorus At first, I was unable to get it to boot to a usable screen, but with some research, I found my answers. Many patches later to my DSDT (thanks to RehabMan for most of the patches) and it compiles...
  5. Going Bald

    Windows 10 OEM License & Dual Booting UEFI

    If you have an icon at the Clover screen labeled Boot EFI Windows from EFI then you have not installed Windows Legacy Mode. Another check is to launch the Windows disk management tool and look at your drive structure. If you have a WinRe Tools partition, Microsoft Reserved and EFI partition in...
  6. Going Bald

    Success: X58A-UD7 + High Sierra

    After days of frustration I finally found a way to install High Sierra from the USB. Booting the USB, selecting Install icon at the new Clover screen, on reboot selecting the install icon for the HDD was getting me a white screen, then the eternal beach ball. One go-round looked as if was going...
  7. Going Bald

    Guide: Multi Booting Legacy on Separate Drives

    Multi Booting with Sierra, Windows 10 and Linux Ubuntu on Legacy BIOS hardware is as easy as doing it on UEFI hardware. What you need to start: Note that the Sierra USB installer must have Clover installed Legacy mode. This is easily accomplished with UniBeast: You can install the operating...
  8. Going Bald

    OS Upgrade!

    Are you planning hardware upgrade or OS upgrade? Else why post in Buying Advice? To upgrade to Sierra from Mavericks see or do a clean install.
  9. Going Bald

    Unsuccessful again: installing Mavericks or Sierra or Mountain Lion on Asus laptop

    Installing on a laptop is not as easy as a desktop. I am still struggling with a G751JY. Have you included the fix for installing on NVMe in your Clover boot USB? OS X will not install on NVMe without it since it has no support for NVMe drives.
  10. Going Bald

    Guide: Installing Sierra on GA-X58A

    Once again UniBeast/MultiBeast has made this an easy thing to do. To begin with, build your UniBeast USB: Connect UniBeast USB and boot up, F12 to get device selection and select the USB - hit enter. At the Clover screen, if you want to see the post text, right arrow over to options and add -v...
  11. Going Bald

    Kaby Lake Brix

    Wonder when these will hit the e-tailers / retail stores?
  12. Going Bald

    Is it better to triple boot with a MacBook Pro or Surface Book?

    Your best option is Win10 and Linux on the Surface Book with OS X on the MBP.
  13. Going Bald

    Handoff/Continuity Hardware List, 2016

    I have the Fenvi adapter with an Apple Broadcom BCM94360CD iMac WiFI/BT card (both bought from in a build with an MSI H77M G43 and i5 3570K and it work just fine. Also tested it in the X58A build in my sig. The only problem I see is that the card seems to be hard to find today -...
  14. Going Bald

    Sierra clean instal on X58A

    Built a Legacy Mode Sierra USB installer and tried a clean install on the X58A. Regardless of presence of NullCPUPM kext in Clover/kexts/other folder I am getting a KP on AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext. Clover 3423 from El Capitan MultiBeast does not seem to be injecting kexts. There are only...
  15. Going Bald

    G751JY + SierraGM - hung on 'AppleACPICPU'

    Updating PB7 to GM this morning. Since reboot to installer is has been sitting on busy timeout(0), (240s), kextd wait(0): 'AppleACPICPU' busy timeout(1), (240s), kextd wait(0): 'AppleACPICPU' for the last half hour. No drive activity light blink at all.
  16. Going Bald

    Sierra PB3 and GA-X58A-UD7

    Finally had some time today to test install Sierra on my signature build. I followed this guide ( ) to make the Sierra installation USB and the latest Clover r3676 I downloaded from SourceForge with...
  17. Going Bald

    Guide: Multibooting UEFI on Separate Drives

    MultiBooting Win10, OS X and Ubuntu on separate drives is as simple a procedure as installing all 3 on the same drive and booting them with Clover ( See ). What you need: 3 HDDs or SSDs or some combination of the two. Your...
  18. Going Bald

    Sierra on an Asus ROG G751JY

    So far this has been a dream laptop to work with OS X on. I have not really done much with it past the basic install of Sierra PB1 except to install the nVidia drivers for the GTX980M GPU. 1920x1080 screen resolution on a 17.3 screen makes the fonts too small for me to read so I have to attach a...
  19. Going Bald

    macOS Recovery HD Update 1.0

    What is this update calculating? Space on the Recovery partition? Available space on the drive for expanding the recovery partition? It has been sitting there "calculating" for half an hour now.
  20. Going Bald

    Guide: MultiBooting UEFI

    I have just completed an installation of OS X, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.0.4 LTS on a single 1Tb HDD on an Asus P8Z77i-Deluxe. It is amazing how easy it is today to Multiboot these 3 OS's on UEFI systems. Here is what you need: Here is how it goes: Create your USB installers and have them...