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  1. samanosuke

    ASUS Radeon RX 570 4gb Clover detects wrong Value

    My Rx 570 Gpu Detected as Rx 480 in Clover Boot loader But in About screen it correct pls ref to my attachment
  2. samanosuke

    [Solved] i7 4770k intel intel dz87klt-75k Sierra installer kernel panic (help Need)

    While im trying to install Sierra 10.12(Unibeast installer) i cant boot into setup screen. it keep on kernel panic (cpu caller,HPET etc) at initial stage pls help thank in advance..
  3. samanosuke

    Apple reportedly planning three more Macs with its own chips inside them

    Is this true so Hackintosh is End of life?:(:( . :banghead::banghead: Ref below link
  4. samanosuke

    Help need Resurrection power mac g5 Totally bent case

    Got this case from a friend due to courier guys miss handling i got it totally damaged cases psl Help me in case mode ..if its has be done by car tinkering peoples or any other professionals can handle this
  5. samanosuke

    Raid-0 Elcapitan

    AFAIK Rocket raid cards are in great success in hackintosh theory.due to cost effect factor i desired to go for a low price hardware.some one help me in configuring a low price hardware raid-0 for my video editing rig. and below i linked a some sata-III card so is this will be a replacement of a...
  6. samanosuke

    macOS Sierra Public Beta 2 something weird Graphics Problem

    macOS Sierra Public Beta 2 successfully installed but a weird problem facing on nvida graphics Boot screen,launchpad, are fine but desktop,and other screens are entirely up normal kindly look at my attachments My spec: I7-4770 Asus 87-k MB gainward gt 630 2gb ddr3 My clover config file also...
  7. samanosuke

    Enabling AC97 Front Panel

    i try to get ac97 front panel audio simultaneously with rear speaker out and failed then i realised osx wont support ac97 it only supports HD,But in the below link they saying it can be done via some xml edits and tweaks....Some one pls take a look at this and help me..Finally i just wonder...
  8. samanosuke

    Final cut prox,Adobe Cc and other graphics tech discussion

    Most of graphic professionals vfx artists and video editors like me are switching to mac osx to get best nle.. experience this thread for discussions related video editing vfx and nle's:)