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  1. jstraw

    Solved > M.2 NVME on PCIe kills RX580

    Hi. I have the same board as you and want to run the newest Mac s. I have a nvidia 980 graphic card and want to run that name setup. Any chance you can help me build my drive?
  2. jstraw

    GA-Z87X-OC or GA-Z87X-UD7 TH Onboard FAN Noise

    I just unplugged them and purchased 2 fans on a bendable rod and placed them as close to the unplugged fans as I could get. I'm only running 1 graphix card with no overclock. Been running fine for a year or so.
  3. jstraw

    GA-Z87X-OC or GA-Z87X-UD7 TH Onboard FAN Noise

    Does anyone have these boards and experiencing the North/South Bridge on board fan noise? Have you found a solution to the noise? if so, how did you do it??? I called gigabyte, they were nice and explained a lot. basically the boards are cooled by a heat sink with embedded fans, the north...
  4. jstraw

    Clover Hide a Partition (that isn't)?

    Im in the same boat same setup... I found a thread that says you should use clover configurator, but it does not tell how. I have 4 partitions that need to be hidden before i can even get to the boot OS X and the boot win 8 follows... this is a real hassle. Anyone? a good tutorial would be...
  5. jstraw

    Clover UEFI Dual Boot OS X Mavericks & Win 8.1 Issue

    how do I change the theme?
  6. jstraw

    Who installed Yosemite on Z87X-UD7 TH

    Ive able to install via clover, but i cannot get audio and networking to work and that is with a DSDT that worked for my board... my big issue is changing the serials to get imessage and especially the app store. I have an expensive purchase, a couple audio studios,,, I had no idea my serials...
  7. jstraw

    Who installed Yosemite on Z87X-UD7 TH

    never heard of this tool "vietnam tool".... Im asking for a more comprehensive tutorial then just install clover as usual. Ive never installed using clover. My first try worked then I got lost in changing serials and all that, everything became super technical. I just cant do that anymore...
  8. jstraw

    How can I change my system serial number?

    This is where Im having issues as well... I had mavericks running with unibeast/multibeast. I redid my hard drive and installed a fresh OSx everytime I had a problem (maybe 15x's) each time logging on to the app store. My last couple of do overs, I found a guide to use chameleon wizard to...
  9. jstraw

    How To Install OS X Yosemite Using Clover

    when i run through this process I get "ROM: Failed and MLB Failed"...? I am trying to edit the plist on my Mavericks install as I wasn't sure if your steps came after the clean Yosemite install (clean) or before... what should I do?
  10. jstraw

    Who installed Yosemite on Z87X-UD7 TH

    Who installed Yosemite on Z87X-UD7 TH w/ Clover any advise on setup and clover selections? how about plist? which one? standard or 4600 anyone willing to help with a quick guide?
  11. jstraw

    How To Install OS X Yosemite Using Clover

    So, if my system says iMac, then I can't over clock?? Z87X-UD7 TH Motherboard, what plist should I use? things seem to boot fine when i use the standard plist, but can I use the 4600 plist? dual screens do work with one plugged into the 4600 and one plugged into the 770. My board has a...
  12. jstraw

    Can't boot UEFI thumb drives on GA-Z87X-UD7 TH but...

    Sword7, any chance you have a good tutorial on how to clover this board? I have the same board and video card... I was successful with unibeast and multicast, but clover is a different ballgame.
  13. jstraw

    Comment by 'jstraw' in media 'PCIe Adapter for the BCM94360CS2 Wifi AC and Bluetooth 4.0'

    yes, how can I get that setup? will the caed work with windows as well?
  14. jstraw

    Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD7-TH - Thunderbolt 2.0 Testing

    is there going to be thunderbolt 2.0 support (whatever the thunderbolt issue is on this board) with Yosemite?
  15. jstraw

    Yosemite official Nvidia 343.01.01f01 AVAILABLE!

    driver seems to be working on my 770 SC
  16. jstraw

    MultiBeast 7.0 Update

    Thanks a bunch... Will MaciAsl and the edits from PJalm and Toleda still work?
  17. jstraw

    MultiBeast 7.0 Update

    Thank you extremely much!!! Will Pjalm and Toledas injections still work in maciasl?
  18. jstraw

    GTX 970 / GTX 980 are here

    Roll that beautiful bean footage! Spill the beans baby!
  19. jstraw

    GTX 970 / GTX 980 are here

    I have the safari flicker issue, it's like the text blinky line becomes half the screen and flashes like that until I click the hell out of my mouse, quite deterring! I have the gtx 770
  20. jstraw

    Help Getting HDMI Audio with GA-Z87X-UD7 TH and GTX 770

    My Peg error keeps returning but I am not having any issues, I still get HDMI audio on the 4600 and the GTX770... but now there is a third one. I delete them, but they always return. 1st compile is always error free. if this is not an issue then Im golden. line 61 code 6074 "Name already...