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  1. Yoyellow

    After Updating to 10.13.5, Black Screen

    I have this weird issue since i tried to update to 10.13.5, i cannot restart the system. When restarting i get a black screen with a cursor, i have waited for ages but it wont restart (thus wont install the update either) anyone have an idea how to sort this?
  2. Yoyellow

    get dual DP working on a HP Z240 SFF

    Hello, i have the HP Z240 SFF that uses a i7-6700 (with 8GB ram) and intel 530 for graphics. This board only has 3 displayport connectors for display, and i have 2 displayport full HD screens 10.13.2 works, but its only on 1 screen. the other screen goes black halfway the booting process. I...
  3. Yoyellow

    10.11.5 is here

    10.11.5 is out!! unknown to what it will do to hackingoshs, updatable via the App Store or use the combo update found here:
  4. Yoyellow

    boot order issue

    Hello, i had mavericks isntalled on SSD1 and jsut freshly installed windows 8.1 on SSD2. Now i set the boot order in the uefi/bios to boot SSD1 as i have chameleon installed on there, this is showing fine in the bios. When i reboot it keeps booting into windows 8.1, i have to manually...
  5. Yoyellow

    Asus Q87T

    Hello, id like to pick your thoughts on this new board: the asus Q87T it has a lot of new features, and in thin mITX form factor Would this work well for those extra small hackingtoshs?
  6. Yoyellow

    mSata Plextor M5M 128GB

    Heya, quick question: im gonna build a hack on a Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H mobo, this one has an mSata port. id like to use the Plextor M5M 128GB msata disk (or any other msata disk), is there any reason for this "not" to work? really like you input :) thanks.
  7. Yoyellow

    budget gfx-card for SC2

    Hello, im in the process of creating a nice budget hack for a friend of mine. and im wondering what cheap gfx card would run starcraft 2 on average. most cards on here are either high end or very lowend, but i need a low-mid range card. Preferable one that will most likely run in...
  8. Yoyellow

    ML on a p35 ds3p

    So i have this old machine a P35 ds3p and id like to run it as a server with ML. it has some old nvidea board in it, and unibeast works (kinda) but im wondering what the perfect multibeast installation would be, until now, it only boots with unibeast and graphics arent nice, and overall its...
  9. Yoyellow

    sleeping mountain lion

    ML running like a charm, but i cant sleep. using specs as in sig. deleted the nullpwnmgmt kext and sleep worked once ( 1 time! ) after that now when i sleep, the screen goes darn, but fans keep spinning and upon a keypress screen goes back into desktop straight away. upper usb-ports on...
  10. Yoyellow

    USB bugs

    So i was one of the first using Tony's methods on my ud2 (bought it especially for hacking). what i found out is that im getting Kernal panics when i connect a usb stick, but only after the mac has slept and woke up again. if its a fresh boot it works. updated bios, using tonies dsdt with all...