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  1. AlexViean

    Black screen after screen automatically off (or lock)

    I've got an error, at lock screen if I click "cancel" then the screen will turn black. If I leave my laptop long enough for the screen to automatically turn off, I'll get this error as well. No way I can get it to work back. Is it a common error? BTW, can my laptop "sleep" well like others'...
  2. AlexViean

    Wifi AR9485 is supported now!

    A friend of mine just showed me his wifi AR9485 working functionally. This is his original post on his facebook: Even his bluetooth is working
  3. AlexViean

    A little problem on safari's top sites page

    I don't know how to explain this kind of situation. As you see, the "delete or pin" on the top left of every thumbnail show up permanently. They would be gone if I restart Safari but then they will appear again after few minutes. Is this a common problem? I just face this on Sierra 10.12.3 (El...
  4. AlexViean

    Error "make" while compiling

    I'm compiling nginx and some others from source. I have no idea what this error is about. Someone please help!
  5. AlexViean

    Touchpad not working on Asus K501UB !!!

    Hi. I'm using RehabMan's VoodooPS2Controller.kext for my Asus K501UB-DM039D, El Capitan 10.11.5 with clover bootloader. The keyboard is working fine but the touchpad doesn't work. Could you help me with this? What information should i get to you? Many thanks in advance!!!