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  1. FliccC

    El Capitan PS2 Keyboard kext?

    Hi, In past versions of MultiBeast i was able to select a PS2 kext in order to get my PS2 keyboard to work. In the latest version for El Capitan this options seems to be gone. Is there a way to enable PS2 support for Mac?
  2. FliccC

    I might need some help! Dual Boot Win10 / El Capitan on same drive

    Hi, I tried multiple things now, red a lot of guides, but I feel a little lost. Would be nice if someone could help me out. I managed to install both Win10 Legacy and a El Capitan UEFI on one SSD. The partition scheme is like this: /dev/disk0 (internal, physical): #...
  3. FliccC

    Chameleon: No Fullscreen Resolution but black Frame around the screen.

    Hello, when I boot up my system, Chameleon doesn't display in Fullscreen but instead there is a black frame around the image. - The native resolution of my monitor (aka what I want): 1920x1080 - my graphics card: ZOTAC Geforce GTX 650 ZT-61002-10M - my monitor: Dell U2312HM I entered my...
  4. FliccC

    Sudden white noise in dual monitor setup

    Hello, I have a strange problem: Sometimes the main monitor of my 2 monitors is suddenly going into white noise for 1-3 seconds, it looks something like this (moving of course): This issue is there since 3-4 months, however it occured so rarely that it wasn't really a problem, I always...
  5. FliccC

    Exchange the Main Hard Drive SSD?

    Hello, I have a perfectly running Hackintosh. However now I think about getting a larger boot-HDD, will it be possible to just copy the data 1:1 to the new drive without having to install everything again? My setup looks like this: 1x SSD 120GB with 2 OS partitions: 60GB for Windows 8 and 60GB...
  6. FliccC

    Controlling Chimera with a Gamepad!

    Hello, I am using the Apple Wireless Keyboard and like many I seem to be unable to use it to navigate in Chimera. If you read a little bit in the forum you will find out that a seperate BT-dongle might work. Now I don't want to go buy new stuff and I really don't want to have a USB Keyboard...
  7. FliccC

    [SOLVED - How I did it]CustoMac Mini Deluxe 02/2013 - Problems with ML Installation

    Hello, I try to install Mountain Lion on a SSD, but after restart I am stuck here: Something seems to be wrong with Bluetooth? Any help greatly appreciated! my system: Gigabyte GA-Z77N-WIFI i7-3770 16GB RAM Zotac GTX 650